10 Family-Friendly Pets That Aren’t Typical


This list of 10 unique pets is ideal for families since they take a lot of care and attention, which encourages family members to spend time together To make things easier, these creatures don’t take up a lot of space, making it possible to take these pets along with you wherever you go. Take a look at our selection of the top 10 most unusual pets right now!

Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders are small animals with a strong disposition. These animals socialize well and enjoy being around humans. They also have personalities that are unique to each animal, making them more like pets instead of objects. The best part: they’re small! You can easily take Sugar Gliders anywhere you want to with ease.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons, on the other hand, are a fascinating species. They resemble iguanas in appearance and temperament, and can be quite placid. While young beardies can be a handful, they calm down and become rather easy to handle. You may learn more about this lizard by reading this guide.


Cockatiels are small birds that are full of personality and make great pets. They can easily calm down a frantic toddler and make a great addition to any family. These birds are relatively easy to take care of and can live up to 30 years in captivity. They’re also beautiful: take a look at this video of one cockatoo with its impressive feather coloring! [Link]


Parrotlets are medium sized animals that are known for their intelligence, stunning plumage and playfulness. They’re relatively easy to take care of and are also known for their patience. Parrotlets are also known for being strong willed and can easily be taught new tricks. They take a bit longer to grow than other birds and will need plenty of attention from their owners, but they’re worth the wait!

Small Pet Turtle

Turtles are versatile little creatures that require minimal care: they’re inexpensive, affordable and small enough to fit in anyone’s pocket. As long as you have an indoor cage for your turtle, you can take them with you wherever you go. Turtles are also interesting to watch since they interact with their environment in no way other animals do.


Ferrets make great pets for children because they help teach them responsibility. Ferrets are also very intelligent and will teach their owners a lot about zoology. These animals can eat up to 20% of their body weight each day and will make your kids work hard for them! To ensure you have a happy pet ferret, consider researching their dietary and housing needs ahead of adding to your family.

Leopard Geckos

Geckos are wonderful pets for families because of their low maintenance requirements. This critter does not require much more than a weekly cage clean and a small amount of food. They’re also really cute and little! Geckos are fantastic pets if you have young children at home. A comprehensive guide to taking care of a Leo may be found right at this website.

Dwarf Hotot Rabbit

Hotot rabbits are small pets that can be ideal for families. These animals are relatively easy to take care of and won’t take up much space. At the same time, they do require a specific diet which can be higher in costs than other rabbit breeds.

Note: When meeting with the breeder, ask about the history of the animal and ask for details about what it eats and does in a typical day.


Degu’s are small rodents that can make great pets, especially for kids. They are known to have high energy levels which make them perfect for children, but they’re also curious and will happily explore with children as well. Most degus do not survive in temperatures below 60 degrees fahrenheit, making them a bad choice for people who live in colder climates.

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are “smart” pets that are great for entertaining kids. They’re small and easy to care for, making them a great choice for families with children. In addition, they’re known to be fun to watch and to play with their owners. Guinea pigs also require some supervision, especially when young since they can become very destructive and aggressive if they are not supervised well.

Common Rat

Rats have been used as pets for thousands of years. They make great addition to any family because they are easy to take care of, inexpensive and entertaining. Rats have also been known to be quite intelligent and can be quite entertaining. More information on their care and housing can be found in this article.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, when choosing a pet for your family you are not limited to the traditional dog or cat. These 10 unusual pets are just a few of the many options out there, and when researching your options, make sure to ask about their dietary and cage needs. Hopefully, this guide helps you in your search for an unusual pet for your family!

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