10 Most Popular Ethical Hacking Tools and Softwares For 2023

What Are Hacking Tools And Software?

Basically, hacking tools are computer programs or complex scripts which are designed by developers and used by hackers to identify the weak zones in computer OS, web applications, servers, and networks as well. Various sectors use Ethical Hacking tools widely across the globe to protect their data from anonymous attacks. These tools are also available in open-source form (freeware or shareware) and in commercial solutions. if someone is supposed to use them for malicious purposes can easily download such tools from their browsers.

These Ethical Hacking tools are generally used by security professionals with the intent to improve security measures by getting access to computer systems in order to access the vulnerabilities in computer systems.

What Is The Importance Of Ethical Hacking Software?

Whenever we hear the word hacking or hacking software we get anxious that somehow it might harm our system. Still, the reality is far different from this as many companies and organizations are hiring a professional expert to protect their essential data concerning valuable assets to companies, software, and hardware systems from malicious attackers. Demand for Ethical Hackers has drastically increased and many organisations are hiring them. Here is a list of some essential features of hacking software.

  • Hacking software is used to check network security by identifying loopholes in the network and fixing them.
  • This can also audit the company’s security by ensuring that the computer system is working seamlessly without any issues.
  • It also offers inside and outside security from various threats to end users.
  • If you want to secure your own system then you can download it from the open source with the help of your home network system.
  • If you want to protect your system from attackers then hacking software also provides you vulnerability assessment.

10 Best Ethical Hacking Tools you must know for 2023

1- Invicti

It is one of the best and most popular web application security scanner hacking tools to figure out SQL injections, XSS, and vulnerabilities in web applications or services automatically and it is available on SAAS solution.

Some of its features:


  • Within 24 hours it is able to scan up to more than 1,000 web applications
  • With the help of Unique Proof- Based Scanning Technology it detects dead vulnerabilities
  • It can detect URL rewrite rules as well as custom 404 error pages automatically.
  • It also provides scalable solutions with minimal configuration.
  • For seamless integration with the SDLC and bug-tracking systems, there is a REST API.

2- Cain and Abel

This tool is provided by Microsoft and used as an operating system password recovery.

Features of this tool:


  • If you want to recover the MS Access passwords then this tool is best for that
  • In sniffing networks also this tool can be used
  • It helps to crack an encrypted password with the help of dictionary attacks, brute-force, and cryptanalysis attacks.
  • If one wants to use this tool then he/she can download it for free from open-source.

3- Fortify WebInspect

This hacking tool is used for complex web applications and services with dynamic analysis security in automated mode.

Some features of this tool are:


  • This tool helps us to find out the security vulnerabilities by giving permission to test the dynamic behaviour of live working web applications
  • It continues scanning in control by getting relevant statistics and information.
  • With the help of simultaneous crawl professional-level testing to novice security testers, it offers a Centralised Program Management, vulnerability, compliance management and risk oversight. 
  • This is offered by HP company with virus protection and Tran security.

4- Nmap (Network Mapper)

Nmap is a network security mapper and has the capability of finding services and hosts on a network and then creating a network map. This software is helpful in probing computer networks, detection of operating systems and host discovery as it offers several features. It has been one of the best hacking software ever. Formerly it was a command-line tool, later it was developed for operating systems based on Linux or Unix.

5- Nessus

In the field of Ethical Hacking Nessus is the most popular vulnerability scanner around the world. It is free to use as it is an open source and highly prohibited to use for non-enterprisers. This scanner efficiently detects critical bugs on any given system. This can detect misconfiguration and unpatched services, weak passwords, and other various system vulnerabilities.

6- Kismet

It is a well-known Ethical Hacking tool to test wireless networks and hacking of wardriving and wireless LAN. It detects networks and collects packets and identifies hidden and non-beaconing networks by taking the help of data traffic. Kismet basically works with wireless cards and supports a raw-monitoring mode to detect wireless and sniffer networks.

The fundamental features of Kismet are:


  • It runs on Linux operating systems that can be Ubuntu, backtrack, and much more.
  • Sometimes it is applicable to windows also.

7- Acunetix

Acunetix highly supports HTML5, JavaScript and SPAs and helps us to audit complex applications. This Ethical Hacking tool detects and reports on more than 4500 web vulnerabilities along with all possible variants of XSS and SQL injection.

Basic features of Acunetix: 

  • Giving importance to risks based data
  • It adds the result of the scanner to other platforms and tools

8- Intruder

It is a fully automated scanner that looks for the weakness of cybersecurity and detects risks that have been found and also helps to get the desired solution for that. 

Features of Intruder are:

  • The main focus of the result based on context
  • It continuously scans for the newest version of vulnerabilities.
  • It adds up with Slack, Jira and major cloud providers
  • Detects missing holes, misconfigurations, and common web app issues.

It can manage a number of vulnerabilities and offers over 9000 security checks.

9- Aircrack-Ng

Aircrack-Ng supports various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, OSX, 2Free, BSD and much more. As we know that wireless networks are in boom and so it is essential to keep them secure. This tool is dedicated to some activities such as attacks, monitoring, testing and cracking. It provides ethical hackers with an array of command lines that evaluates and checks wifi network security.

Some features of Aircrack-Ng:

  • Run on various platforms such as Windows, OS X, eComStation, OpenBSD and much more.
  • It also supports exporting data to text files

10- QualysGuard

If you are looking for a kind of hacker tool that can check vulnerabilities in online cloud systems then QualysGuard is the best choice. Some of the features of it 

  • This tool is globally accepted and trusted as an online hacking tool
  • It can analyse data in real-time
  • Highly scalable and provides end-to-end solutions for all kinds of IT security
  • Answerable to real-time threats

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Nowadays internet security threats are at their peak and increasing day by day. There is a requirement for an ethical hacker in every organisation from the government sector to the private sector. It opens a wide range of career paths with handsome salaries but in the meantime, you must have to be certified. It is a prerequisite for one to get certified and career-oriented Ethical Hacking training from well-established training. If you are aiming to make a career in Ethical Hacking then you can visit APTRON for Ethical Hacking training in Noida.

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