10 Tips for Bringing More Traffic to Your Small Business Website


Establishing your online presence is one of the most essential steps toward bringing more traffic to your small business website. Having a website for your business is the foundation that allows you to build an online presence. After all, you can learn a lot about your consumers by monitoring your website traffic.

Several factors go into the making of a small business website including – industry and goals. Successful small business websites do not just focus on one element; it’s a puzzle of site building, content creation, and user experience, all working together to create an attractive prime website for traffic and conversions. While big enterprises certainly have an account of resources at their disposal, small businesses are struggling to bring enough traffic for their business.

Here are some tips to bring more traffic to your small business website.

Make Your Site Small Screen Responsive

Most of us have known for a long time people are increasingly accessing the internet on a range of devices. It’s no longer sensible to assume that the visitor will only check your company from the desktop. If you own a business and don’t have a mobile-friendly website you’re missing out on many potential customers. If a potential customer opens your website on a smaller screen than a desktop and finds it difficult to navigate through it, they may simply abandon you and go to your competitor.

And it’s not only the website, according to Google research more than half of the people leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Mobile users do not spend time finding what they need; they want the results immediately and in a single click. A checklist to keep in mind when building your mobile website:

  • Keep the Menu Short
  • Ditch the Navigation Bar
  • Avoid Pop-Ups
  • Prefer Vertical Scrolling
  • Use Single Column Layout
  • Keep Secondary Tasks in the Menu
  • Use High-Resolution Zoomable Images

Work on The UI

If you’re among the numerous individuals who rely on the internet for their day-to-day activities, you undoubtedly grasp the significance of having a user-friendly interface. A good user experience is important because it can turn potential visitors into buyers as it accelerates the interaction between the visitor and your website. Your website will be the first point of contact for your potential consumers. Therefore, having an imposing UI is pivotal for creating a positive impression through your website.

Limit the use of color, fonts, content, and images that can distract and pull focus away from the webpage.

Consider Hiring Professionals

The website design workflow should be structured to attract more visitors to the website. We all want our website to make the best first impression – especially since we know more than 50% of a business’s online credibility comes from the quality of its web design. The website should be optimized to boost its visibility in search engines. SEO is not just about the content on the website, it also needs to be absorbed in the website design. Professional designers are aware of the SEO tactics that need to be applied to get the highest rankings.

A winning action here is to hire a web designer for your website and then learn how you can contribute to more traffic reach.

With the help of a professional, you’ll be able to create your customized website and bring your vision to life. To conduct an online meeting with your web designer use Picktime. Picktime is an online free appointment scheduling software for design consultations. It has a user-friendly interface with calendar synchronization and automatic appointment reminders. With Picktime you get bookings 24×7 and support at multiple locations. Now manage your team’s appointments and all your services in one place with a customized booking page just for your business with Picktime. To know more, sign up for free today!

It comes down to this: if you don’t have a budget to hire a separate web designer, building your website might be your only choice.

Email Newsletters

Another tried and proven way to generate traffic is email. Email is a powerful outreach tool to let your audience know about you and drive them to specific pages on your website. An email newsletter keeps your users engaged and updated with whatever activity is going on on your website.

To simplify your campaigns you can run two separate email campaigns – promotional emails and email newsletters. In which promotional emails include details on specific sales offers and events. And on the other hand, email newsletters feature other useful information about updates and price-related info. In both schemas, you can segment your audience based on the data that has been sent in different emails.

Stay Active on Social Media

Social media has a significant impact on shaping market choices. Your small business website needs to maintain a strong online presence to drive traffic. For instance, if you have a business website for e-commerce, you can promote your offers on social media and drive traffic to your website.

The key is to choose the right platform that works best for your business and that you can manage effectively. Tools will vary based on the type of your business model and the audience you’re trying to attract. For instance, LinkedIn is a great platform for announcing any webinar or white paper event. But Facebook would be an immense platform for the announcement of your new cake decoration store. Ensure that regardless of where you make your post, you actively guide visitors to the specific pages you are targeting. This way, a direct connection can be established between the link they clicked and the content of your post.

Craft Quality Content

One thing that would bring more traffic to your small business website is quality content. Potentials will come to your website to get the information that is helpful for them. Craft engaging and high-quality content that may answer a question or provides a solution for a specific problem. Doing so can build your website’s authority and position your small business website in the market.

Creating interesting content can also add to your SEO efforts. The more you’ll optimize your site visits, the higher you’ll rank on search engine results pages. In addition, publish viral content on your website. Viral content tends to have a high utility which means your content is simply useful in a way that it’s getting viral. In some cases, viral content can also contain visuals – images, infographics, or videos.

Use Digital Ads

You see them all over the internet, literally all the time. Ads, promote everything on the internet from study material to travel. These ads are known as digital or banner ads, and they’re designed to drive traffic to your website. Digital ads work by placing them on websites or blogs that attract specific viewers. On social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, digital ads can target extremely specific consumers broken down by age, gender, education, income status, or education level.

To know about the placing and timing of these ads you may want to work with a consultant or an agency to develop a paid media strategy. A professional in the area will also provide you with insights into what kind of results to expect.

Work With Influencers

One of the best things you can do to bring more traffic to your small business website is to start relationships with industry influencers. Because of influencers’ established names and followers they can bring you more visitors. Collaborating with influencers can be done in three ways:

  • Ask them to comment on your new product, service, or process.
  • Bring them into your services through public relations outreach.
  • Write content that appeals directly to influencers.

Go to your most used social media platform and you’ll see many of the consumers following influencers. It’s a win-win for both.

Use PR

Publishing a press release, appearing on TV and radio shows, or being featured in a piece by a famous writer. Sounds exciting, right! You can make good use of all this to bring more traffic to your small business website by working with a PR. In addition, many of these PR campaigns can be shared on your social media platforms. It’s all about a correct marketing mix and PR can make an immediate impact on your website traffic.

Engage With Your Community

In the last tip for bringing more traffic to your small business website, start engaging with your community. Not a political community! Your business community, influencers, other brands, industry experts, and customers. As a result, people will be more inclined to visit your website. You can create an online community too. Several companies also conduct polls to connect with their customers online and locally.

Getting more traffic to your small business website requires time and dedication. Try your hands with the above-shared tips and keep growing your business.

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