1Mac Password 8 brings a big overhaul


A few weeks after 1Password started publishing Revamped version of Windows 1Password 8, the company is now introducing the Mac version an update that is also available today to try in early use.

Like the Windows version, Mac 1Password 8 has a redesigned design designed to make it clearer when items are shared with whom, and to improve group annotations in Sidebar.

There’s also a new search bar that shows suggestions during the search (similar to Apple’s Spotlight or Alfred), and an updated version of Watchtower that shows a comprehensive overview of your overall password protection.

Finally, the new app revamps the edit window, which the company says includes a “new password generator, smart suggestions, and simpler attachments.”

1Password 8 looks like a pretty big update, and users will need to choose an early release build to try it today. Instructions are here, but this requires uninstalling the old 1Password 7 application and installing the new version. In addition, while the new features and design look fun, the company warns that 1Password 8 is for testing and validation purposes only and is not suitable for business-critical environments. So you may not want to use it for anything very important yet.

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