2021 : PS5 price and bundles @when can we expect PlayStation 5 deals to arrive?

hen looking for the best PS5 prices or PS5 bundles you’ll need a fair bit of patience and will want to avoid getting caught out by resellers overcharging for Sony’s new console. As extensively detailed in our PS5 restock guide, the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition have been incredibly hard to find since releasing in November last year.

In all reality, we don’t expect the situation to really improve until next year. Yes, we’re not kidding, and not even early 2022. PS5 deals sell out within minutes of appearing online, but we’ve listed the stores you should be checking on a regular basis to improve your chances of getting one.

Generally, Saturdays and Sundays are the quietest for fresh PS5 deals with weekdays proving much more fruitful. Monday’s are usually quiet, but things generally got hotter after that, with Wednesdays to Fridays being the most likely days.


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