2022 Chevrolet Blazer – A Practical Car to Buy

One of the most practical cars for people to buy is 2022 Chevrolet Blazer. This mid-size SUV offers ample space and its powertrain makes driving it fun for all. Also, the interior provided is at par with other SUVs in this category.

To understand what makes this a practical car to purchase, go through its cabin and other details. For a test spin and excellent deals, you need to get to Spruce Pine Chevrolet dealer and talk to people there. So, till you visit the dealership, have a look at some of 2022 Blazer’s detail!

Cabin design and space available

One of the reasons people love the interior of 2022 Blazer is because the styling and design are inspired by Chevy’s iconic car Camaro such as circular air vents, intuitive systems for climate control, and more.

Two different color schemes for the interior along with soft-touching plastic finishes gives it quite a classy look. Also, getting a premium trim means it will be equipped with flashy materials and leather surfaces for the ultimate upscale aesthetics.

Some other desirable features comprise interior ambient lighting, ventilated as well as heated seats, ample stretching space in the rear that makes long rides fun, etc. One of the most talked-about aspects of this mid-size SUV is the space provided. Such a roomy cabin is what makes it an ideal practical vehicle for everyday use.

Behind back seat, 31 cubic feet is available for storage, which can hold 11 carry-ons and folding it offers 64 cubic feet that can store 26 suitcases. Such amazing space availability inside a cabin is what makes people want to buy this car in the first place. In addition, small items can be stored in several storage cubbies on door panels, center console, etc.

Also, the infotainment and connectivity options aids points to making it a practical car to own. These include Android Auto, 8-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, 120-volt outlet, USB ports, wireless charging, navigation, Bose speaker system, Wi-Fi, and more. A person can enjoy such features depending on the trim he/she buys and how he/she customizes it.

Driver assistance features

Another reason that makes it a practical automobile to buy is the key driver assistance function. These consist of adaptive cruise control, alerts for rear crossing pedestrians/traffic, assistance with lane-keeping, monitoring blind-spot, warning for lane departure, and more.

Such amazing features is another reason for people to consider the 2022 Blazer one of the best practical cars to purchase when in Chevrolet Spruce Pine dealership.

Price tag

The models are priced quite low, where the 2LT starts from $34,595. The LT, RS and Premier are available at $38,795, $42,170, and $42,200 respectively. You can always choose any of the trims as every version offers something excellent to drivers. If you want it all, then should go for the RS or Premier variants.

Such a practical vehicle is hard to come by these days. It is for this reason, an individual should own a 2022 Blazer, irrespective of what other cars he/she might have. Hence, get to a dealer and choose your Chevy Blazer quickly.

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