4k Best 10 aquarium video with music 2022

Finneas goes for a walk around an aquarium in the new video for “Just a Lifetime,” a track off his presentation collection Optimist that fills in as an accolade for his family.

Recorded in one take at the Long Beach, California’s Aquarium of the Pacific by chief Sam Bennett, the video observes Finneas strolling alone among the ocean life, lit exclusively by the light radiating from the tanks. As “Just a Lifetime” is committed to his family, in the video’s end minutes, his sister Billie Eilish and probably their folks show up to join their adored one in the aquarium.

Discussing the track in an assertion, Finneas said, “A many individuals were walking about their homes, petitioning God for lockdown to be lifted, and hanging tight for the antibody. I had an unexpected acknowledgment – I may truly miss this quiet time I had with my family and my sweetheart. I was attempting to remind myself to remain present and remain connected regardless is continuing.”

Finneas – up for Best New Artist at the Grammys (however expecting an Olivia Rodrigo win) – as of late plunked down with the Rolling Stone Music Now webcast to examine his independent collection, Billie Eilish’s forthcoming visit, and uncover that Eilish is now working on new music following the arrival of her Happier Than Ever.

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