6 Best PC Fan Reviews in 2021 | Top Options for Optimal Cooling


There is nothing that will kill your computer faster than overheating. Your data can be damaged, your computer can have a decreased life overall, and you can find yourself dead in the water just doing something as simple as trying to check your email. This has happened to me as I try desperately to breathe life into my older computers that hold all of my information. It was two computers too late when I discovered the magic of a good fan. So that’s why I’m here to share the best PC fans with you. I also recommend some of the best PC cases under 100 USD which I also reviewed.

TOP PC Fans Buying Guide

If you’re looking to buy the best case fans on the market, you need to have a general idea of what you need to be looking for. By looking at the important information about the case fan before you buy it, you are ensuring that you will make a smart decision. 

Cooling Capability 

You definitely want to consider the cooling capabilities of your fans before you commit. For instance, did you know that many big fans move as much air as small fans? They simply spin slower than the smaller fans, meaning that you can get more bang for your buck with a smaller, high-quality fan. Are you looking for airflow or static pressure to cool your PC? Airflow fans tend to be quieter than their static pressure counterparts, and are more easily assembled into different areas on your PC. However, if your PC has limited space and you need to forcefully move hot air, you may consider a static pressure system. 


You don’t want to buy something if it will merely break within three weeks of use. Determining how durable a fan system is will be vital to maintaining your PC. Broken computer fans can create tons of complications with your machine overall, so make sure you’re not making unwise choices. 

Best PC FAN Reviews

Noise Level

If you have ever spent time around a loud computer fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Roaring PC fans are more than distracting and can be indicative of other problems with the machine. Cheaper fans tend to be louder, meaning that you can invest in quality for both peace of mind and peace in your space. 

There are tons of factors that can go into your fan creating noise, such as the space, the materials used to build the case, and how quickly the fan moves, but investing in a good fan means you don’t need to be as concerned about constant noise. 

Sufficient Airflow for Bigger Cases

This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes something as vital as “does this fan move air efficiently in my larger case” can be overlooked. When investing in a computer fan, be sure to check out the technical specs of each product to gauge if it can move air the way that you need. 

The spec that I most consider is the CFM, or the Cubic Feet Minute. The higher the CFM, the more air is moved, and the quicker it is moved. Pairing the CFM with the RPM will give you generally the efficiency of the fan. Keep in mind that if you have a well-ventilated case, or your case has multiple places to install these fans, you don’t necessarily need a high-powered fan. 

High airflow fans are often a good choice for people who need accurate air movement in bigger cases. Sometimes, you have the option of installing multiple fans, and if it’s the case, or if you’re creating your own build, installing multiple fans can give you the necessary airflow while letting you keep a quiet pc fan. 

LED Lighting

If you want to add a little flair to your setup, you can add an LED light to your fan itself. Not only do these look beautiful, they also provide extra lighting to your space. If your days are too long, or you game into the night, having these extra lights can really add brightness to your space. 

These LED lighting fans can be a little expensive, so this lighting is not necessary to have a great build. Typically, lights only add to the aesthetics. However, if you are looking to make your setup unique, this is definitely a way to add some personalization to your space. 

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