6 Car Cleaning Products That Will Keep Your Car Shining Like a Shooting Star

Your car is something that makes you feel a thrill during a road trip when you are bored on a couch. It pushes you to find comfort in its interior when you feel the urge to cry alone, away from your eyes. This gorgeous ride permits you to help your friends who can’t find the Uber to drive them to a college campus. So, what is stopping you from taking care of it after a rainy day?

Cleaning your car is not as simple as you think. Rushing to win car wash Dubai services to protect it from the strains of being driven in a metropolitan city is not very smart either. Your ride needs proper treatment because it didn’t leave you at the mercy of others when you were wailing in the driving seat. Thus, enjoy being a part of the joy associated with owning a car and give it proper detailing from time to time.

To help you out in this matter, we have put together a guide that contains nearly all the products you need to wash your car like a professional.

1.  Car Wash Buckets

You might think that grabbing an ordinary bucket from your laundry would be more than enough, but getting a dedicated bucket with a dirt trap or grit guard should be on your checklist.

The reason for buying such a bucket is that you rinse your sponge and hand mitt in the bucket. Consequently, dirt and debris mix with the water. The dirt trap or grit guard will help separate water from dirt, so you are rinsing the sponge and hand mitt in clean water.

Nothing frustrates you more than realizing that you have been scratching the coat of your car with a sponge filled with dirt.

2.  Car Wash Soaps

The name is self-explanatory! Everyone knows the universal fact that washing requires soaps. It is convenient to grab a car wash soap from an aisle of a supermarket rather than a dishwashing detergent. Dishwashing soap is great for removing grease from the dishes, but it will damage and strip the wax coat and protectants from your vehicle’s surface.

The car specialists formulate car wash soaps especially for use on paint finishes and clear coats. Moreover, do check the pH level of the liquid soaps. It is important to assure that it is as close to pH neutral as possible. It will eliminate the hard water spots left on the car’s surface. These hard spots are usually left on the paint due to the minerals in the main water. Select a liquid wash that bubbles up and help you remove the grit without much hustle.

3.  Car Wash Mitts

You must be tempted to wash the car with towels. During most times, you will grab the sponge from the top shelf. However, car wash mitts are far more effective. They make the task easier and more comfortable because of microfiber or sheepskin involved in their production. 

4.  Pressure Washer

Owning a pressure washer makes cleaning your ride quicker, more accessible, and affordable. A good pressure washer is perfect for pre-rinsing your car. The strong stream of water from the pressure hose does a great job of removing stubborn soils. These soils consist of road grime, bird dropping, tree sap, mud and dead bugs. Later, it becomes simpler and safer to clean your car in the absence of such debris.

You can pair your pressure washer with a foam cannon. Consequently, the pressure enhances the foaming action. It helps you clean your vehicle thoroughly and lifts the abrasive debris from the surface. It reduces the risk of scratching the surface.

5.  Hose Nozzles

You have set your mind on cleaning your car’s hose, but you don’t have a hose nozzle, then you are going to have a difficult time. A high-pressure hose nozzle is compulsory to remove the dirt and grime from the paint. Also, stronger one will get the stricter dirt off the paint without raising the need to scrub the surface. They are more affordable than a pressure washer and help you control the flow of water.

6.  Car Vacuums

Achieving a spotless and shiny exterior does not mean that your work is done. It is time to clean the interior of your car. Therefore, get your hands on a car vacuum. It is a valuable tool for cleaning the cabin area. It will take most of your time!

To conclude, car service takes a bit of elbow grease and time. It is better to use quality products and tools to protect your car’s surface and bring a wave of satisfaction to you.  


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