6 Types of Tile & Their Best Uses

The vast variety of home decor tiles comes in various colors, designs, textures, and styles. A few stone tiles, glass tiles, ceramics, cement tiles, porcelain tiles, as well as the metal tiles are accessible in the market. You might be overwhelmed by the huge variety of tiles that are accessible to people, which helps in decorating and restyling your home. This article might help you in getting the six types of tiles, and what is their best use for all of us. You might want to try emerald green tiles which are useful for your home, wall tiles as well as for flooring purpose too.  

6 types of tiles and their best uses


There are six types of tiles which come with the best use too. 

Porcelain tile

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Porcelain tiles might be different from ceramic tiles, while the other common types of tiles are porcelain tiles. Without any of the maintenance, there is a huge appeal to porcelain tiles which comes in natural stone, wood, brick form tiles. With the help of porcelain tiles you would get a perfect finish in your tiles without any further detailing to it. You might want to try the color, design, variety, style, and versatility of the porcelain tiles in your home spaces. Although porcelain tiles come with great variety and are massively popular among masses. As it would not freeze, fade, crack, as porcelain tiles could be used for sure in the outdoor areas as well as in door areas. In your kitchen backsplashes, high-traffic areas, and kitchen tile could be the best applications for porcelain tiles. But the biggest disadvantage of porcelain tiles is its installation process could be tricky at times, so you need to be very careful or try hiring only experts for porcelain tiles installation. 

Cement tile

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The cement tiles are mostly used in the modern interior design of the homes, as cement tiles have been their fort since the 19th century. Cement tiles come with amazing colours, patterns, and textures, as they are extremely versatile for many people. Moreover, over time you could enhance the pattern, patina as the cement tiles could be very porous most of those times. Even at times cement tiles would get discoloured, and then they would form wood like floors when sanded or resealed which gives quite an amazing form to them. There are several disadvantages of the cement tiles which are they are hard to install, at times. You might need to maintain the beauty of cement tiles, then go and install them again at least once in a month otherwise they wouldn’t maintain their beauty.  

Metal tile

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Metal tiles are best for modern kitchen aesthetics, as they are super durable and comes with chic design. It would certainly withstand the test of time in both function and look for the metal tiles, although they cost for this type of tiles with similar pricing to natural stone. The cement tiles tend to scratch when they gets installed on the primary considerations with metal tiles. You can put metal tiles on the kitchen, bar, utility room or on the surface wall of your rooms for more exquisite results. 

Ceramic tile

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Ceramic tiles are suitable for many applications, as they are one of the most common types of tiles in the many homes. Mostly in the bathroom, kitchen you might wants to get a cement tile to increase the durability of your room. An advantage of ceramic tiles is that they could easily fit any design, so don’t be sad, moreover, they come in hundreds of styles, they are clean and easy to install in your home. Moreover, ceramic tiles come in both glazed and unglazed form as they come with that difference. Ceramic tiles are known for the protection of long-lasting floors, as they are known to give glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles which are based on rustic and artistic finish

Limestone tile

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Limestone tiles come with great variation, shades and some of the best natural tones which are in truly rustic style and enhance the beauty of one’s home or the place they are used. In the ancient architecture and design, the natural appearance would almost be reminiscent of historical buildings, styles, and their detailing. In limestone tiles you need to cut specific patterns and replace them with placements, as these tiles are already softer and durable. Limestone tiles are mostly porous, that’s what you need to keep in mind before purchasing them. Limestone tiles would crack easily if they aren’t sealed properly. Never use vinegar-based products, or higher pH cleaning agents on it. 

Quarry tile

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Quarry tiles come with stronger tile material, which is why they are mostly preferred for flooring purposes. Quarry tiles are baked over 2000 degrees, and they are manufactured from shale, clay, feldspar, and ground minerals. 

Final thoughts 

You might get some insightful information about the best six tiles that could be their best possible use in everyday life. 

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