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Car insurance is a major expense each year for millions of drivers. According to statistics from a couple of years ago, we are moving in the 28 million vehicles registered in Spain, with which this affects millions of households, close to 20 million. In the current situation of inflation, saving a few euros on this insurance can be of great help. For this reason, pay attention to the 7 essential factors to analyze in order to have cheaper car insurance.

Cancel the insurance

It may seem like a too radical measure, but it is one of the most effective when negotiating with insurance. You may not intend to change companies, but we advise you to cancel the insurance before the term expires. Of course, it is about looking for them to call you later to make you a better offer, but check your benefits because you can lose bonuses for seniority. 

Compare prices

Perhaps it would be the number one tip, although we have left it in second place. Online comparators make it quite easy for you to complete this job, putting several options on the table with which you can easily compare. Do not trust even if a company seems to be more expensive, analyze its price and then make a decision. 

Check your history

If you have many tickets , especially if they are for speeding, or have given many reports in the past, your insurance price will not be cheap. For this reason, you must try to be the best driver, for this and logically, not to suffer any accident that could put your life at risk. Insurance is there to cover you in case of an accident, but it is better if you are not forced to give several parts.

Analyze the policy carefully

The coverage offered by the policy should never be greater than what we need. Experts advise the following: up to the third year, insurance without excess. Between the third and fifth year, insurance with excess. As of these years, the coverage must decrease, reaching ten years of seniority, when it is advisable to pay only third-party coverage with window and fire and theft insurance.

Do you need other insurance?

If you need home insurance, for example, it may be interesting for you to contract everything with the same company so that they can give you a price. Of course, you should analyze if it pays for you, but normally the company will give you a better price if they have contracted different insurances with it. 

Do not pay in installments

This is not always the case, but sometimes insurers charge you more for splitting the payment. Check if they give you a discount for paying everything at once, and if they penalize you for doing it in installments. With all the information in hand, decide what to do, although if you have the possibility of paying everything at once, it is usually the best option.


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