7 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Redfall Game

You can start playing Redfall by using these tips.

Arkane Studios is known for making games like Prey, Dishonoured, and Deathloop that are totally unique and can’t be found anywhere else. Redfall isn’t quite as unique as those games, but there aren’t many other games like it either.

So, when you first start the game, you probably won’t be good at it right away. Still, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting used to the town full of vampires, especially if you know a few tips and tricks from the start. Here are a few of the best ones to help you get started.

Always Have A Stake Weapon Equipped

Always Have A Stake Weapon Equipped

Vampires can always be killed by putting a stake through their heart, which is a rule that applies to all vampires. In Redfall, bullets only hurt the creatures, and most of the time, a stake is the only way to kill them.

But not every tool can have a stake attached to it. Attachments that are sharp can only be on things like shotguns and assault weapons. So, you should always bring at least one of them with you when you journey. Even when a vampire is weak, you only have a short time to kill it before it gets healthy again. You won’t have any time to switch out your gear.

Don’t Underestimate Human Enemies

Don't Underestimate Human Enemies

Redfall is all about vampires, but they aren’t the only enemies you’ll face. You also have to fight many people. They don’t look nearly as scary as the monsters that drink blood. Still, you shouldn’t underestimate how dangerous these people can be. Their bullets do a lot of damage, and if several of them shoot you at once, you can die fast.

It’s not like fighting vampires to fight them. When fighting monsters, you always have to get up close and personal. When fighting people, you should stay a little bit away and use cover.

Save Health Packs For Battles

Save Health Packs For Battles

Health packs and food you find lying around are the two main ways to heal in Redfall. Even though you probably shouldn’t eat stuff you find on the ground in real life, it can help you get better in Redfall.

After all, you can only carry so many health packs at once. So, it’s best to save them for fights when you really need a lot of HP. When you’re not in battle, random food and drink items are a good way to get your health back up. Usually, you can find them in most houses.

Salvage Weapons You Don’t Need

Salvage Weapons You Don't Need

There are so many guns in this game that it’s crazy. They are pretty much in every room and building. You might want to keep the ones you don’t need until you find a seller who wants to buy them. But the truth is that the town of Redfall doesn’t have much business.

You can buy guns at the fire station, but no one wants your old things. Even so, you can still make money from them. Just hold down the’salvage’ button when you’re looking at a weapon in the loadout screen or when you first find it. In exchange, you get money.

Hit The People In The Back For Stealth Kills

Hit The People In The Back For Stealth Kills

Like most Arkane games, Redfall lets you sneak around a lot. But unlike in Dishonoured, you can’t quietly kill people by choking them or cutting their throats. But Slope Game still has a way to kill someone in a sneaky way.

When you sneak up on a human enemy from behind, hit the melee button to kill them. No fancy animations are used. It’s just a normal melee strike, but unlike hits to the front, it kills them quickly and doesn’t wake anyone up – unless someone else sees you do it.

Only Use Lockpicks On Doors When You Have To

Only Use Lockpicks On Doors When You Have To

Redfall is an Arkane game, so pretty much every building or place can be reached in more than one way. The use of a lockpick to open a door is sometimes a choice.

But lockpicks are used up and you can’t carry a lot of them at once. Since you can’t get into safes and locked boxes any other way, it’s best to save them for those. So, if you end up at a door that is locked, don’t use a lockpick to get in. Instead, find another way in.

Use Closed Captioning

Use Closed Captioning

Redfall is not like games like Dead Rising, in which your enemies are always right in front of you. In fact, you can walk around the open world for a while without meeting any enemies. This makes things a little scary because you never know where the enemy is or if you are safe.

If you don’t like this idea, you can get rid of the problem by using the accessibility settings to turn on or keep closed subtitles on. Once you turn it on, you can hear little sounds that vampires make that are usually hard to hear. And once you see the caption on the screen, you know there is a creature close that feeds on blood.

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