7 things you didn’t know your Google Pixel phone could do


Google Pixel phones has long been considered the best way to get a disconnected, responsive Android experience. Google offers a few different Pixel phones at different price points, but they’re usually in the mid-price range of “premium mid-range” – and they’re among the best phones in the Price Range.

But while Pixel devices offer an near-stock Android experience, they completely lack personality. Google has added a number of features to Pixel phones that make them easier to use and more versatile.

Want to know more about your Google Pixel phone? Here are seven things you didn’t know about your Pixel phone.

Fingerprint gestures

Google Pixel 5
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Did you know that the fingerprint sensor on your Pixel phone can do more than just unlock your phone? In fact, it can kind of act like a small interface to help you perform certain gestures. For example, you can swipe down on the fingerprint reader to open the notification page. Of course, this does not work In the Pixel 4 series, because Pixel 4 does not have a fingerprint sensor.

To enable this feature, open Settings and then go to System> Gestures. Then enable the switch next to it Swipe your fingerprint to get notifications.

Use your Pixel as a wireless charger

Charge Google Pixel 5 headphones

If you have a Pixel 5, you automatically have a wireless charging cradle. This is because Pixel 5 is supported Google’s Battery Share feature, which allows you to place Qi-compatible devices on your back to charge them. The feature starts automatically when you connect the USB-C cable to the machine. It will turn on for a moment and then stay on and work normally if it detects a Qi-compatible device in it – otherwise it will turn off.

You can also activate Battery Share manually by opening the Settings application and then scrolling to Battery> Battery sharingand starting Battery share change.

Always know which song is playing around you

Google can pretty intelligently tell you which songs are playing in your environment, and if you’re someone who wants to know what songs are playing all the time, it can be useful for you. The feature itself is now called playable, and if you enable it, Google will show the song playing in the environment on the lock screen.

To turn on Now Playing, open the Settings application and scroll to Sound & vibration> Advanced> Now playing. Be excited Show songs on the lock screen. Your phone will then download the song database and then automatically receive information about the songs playing on the lock screen.

You can also get a full history of the songs you’ve heard recently. So look at the history, open the Settings app, and then go Sound & vibration> Advanced> Now playing> Now playing history.

Lift your phone to check your listing

Want to make it easier to check notifications on your phone? If you wish, you can check your notification by lifting your device. To enable this feature, open the Settings app, and then go to System> Gestures> Lift to check the phone, then enable the switch.

Quickly open the camera

Want to get to the camera as fast as possible? Probably the fastest way to use camera on your Google Pixel phone is a double-tap power button that can be done at any time while using the phone, whether it is locked or not.

This feature may be enabled by default, but if it isn’t, open the Settings app and then go to System> Gestures> Quickly open the cameraand then turn on the switch. You can then double-click the power button to open the camera.

Squeeze to access Google Assistant

google assistant 2.0 pixel 4
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If you’re highly connected to the Google products ecosystem, probably use Google Assistant fairly regularly. Pixel phones make it relatively easy to use the Assistant. For example, you can just use the standard “Hello Google” shortcut. Or you can swipe up from the corner of the screen. Last but not least, you can squeeze the pages of your compatible phone.

To enable this feature, open the Settings app, and then go to System> Gestures> Active Edge. You can then turn on the feature, select the sensitivity, let the feature work when the screen is off, and choose whether you want to use the same gesture to mute the device.

Screen your calls before answering them

Call Screening Pixel 3
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Looks like you’re getting a lot of spam? Maybe it’s time to get an assistant to answer your calls for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay for an assistant – Google Assistant can handle it. Using this feature Google Assistant can answer the calland ask who is calling and why they are calling. The assistant then determines if the call is a robotic call and hangs up, or if it is the right person, after which it can call your phone and display the caller information.

It is important to note a few things. First, you can use call screening manually when you receive a call by tapping Screen call button – and you do not need to enable the feature to use it. Alternatively, you can set the feature to work automatically when you receive a call from an unknown number. To do this, open the Phone app and then go to the menu button at the top, tap Settings, and then tap Spam and call screen button. Then tap Call screenand select the call types to be displayed Unknown Call settings. You can then choose to ring your phone, show calls automatically, and reject robocalls or reject calls silently.

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