8GB of RAM no longer has room for expensive laptops


When you build, buy, or advise someone a Windows 10 PC, is one key factor that I always cover. Make sure you have as much RAM as your budget allows. It doesn’t matter if you have RTX 3090 or AMD Ryzen 9, if you lower your RAM, you’re having a bad time.

When building your own machine, it’s easy enough to cover. It can mean saving a little longer or it can mean sacrificing elsewhere, but most often a PC manufacturer these days uses at least 16GB of RAM. And shoot more and more if the prices aren’t too crazy.

So why then are we expected to treat only 8GB of RAM as a base point in far too many laptops? 8GB is no longer enough, and it should be the minimum you want to find on an even cheaper, mid-range laptop. The time for laptop manufacturers to stop connecting with us and become cheaper.

Surface Notebook 4

(Image Credit: The Future)

8GB of RAM doesn’t go very far at all


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