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In this post we are going to present you with the 9 simple keys so that you can get cheap car insurance, or at least that you can understand if the price that they present to you is in accordance or not with what they are selling you.

Many times when you go to hire your car insurance you realize that there is a big difference in the price from one company to another, so looking for cheap car insurance makes sense.

What we all want to find is car insurance with extensive coverage at a good price , and we already told you that it is possible , but for this you must take into account a series of keys that for us are the most important.

1. Read your policy

Something as simple as reading what you’re hiring most people don’t do, and then the surprises come. People usually realize that insurance is not what they expected when they have a claim and must resort to it.

By reading your policy, including the small print, you can check if the insurance is expensive or cheap depending on the services and coverage it offers, comparing it with other policies with the same characteristics.

2. Be careful with the numbers!

When hiring car insurance, it is common for you to only look at the final price to pay, and this is a mistake.

Just as when you buy a car you value the whole: price, brand, qualities, maintenance price, consumption, etc…

When you take out insurance you should do it the same and take into account:

  • Coverages
  • Insured amounts
  • Services

3. Decide what coverage your car needs

Any insurance policy you take out, whether expensive or cheap, has mandatory coverage by law. The big difference between some policies and others is marked by the extra coverage they offer you.

If you want to understand if car insurance is cheap or expensive for you, in addition to comparing its price, you should check if the coverage and services are really what you need. A policy that may seem cheap at first, but still offers you some services you don’t need. That means that you are paying an extra cost for services that you are not going to use.

The opposite can also happen, that it does not include some services that would be very good for you when you need it.

4. Beware of discounts

It is common for insurance companies to make significant discounts to attract new clients, but do not be blinded by these knockdown discounts. They are likely to be closed packages with services you don’t need.

5. Compare all car insurance

How do you get any cheaper product? It is evident that comparing and in car insurance the same thing happens.

Today, online comparators make things very easy for you, but you should not forget the insurance offices on the street. Although there are people who think that they are more expensive than online insurance and many times this is not the case.

We work with Gocleer, a comparator of the most important companies in the market, which allows you to compare prices and make a policy that suits you. Also, if you don’t drive, they give you money back with their cashback service.

6. Your history matters

As a driver, the number of previous incidents you have had is important for many insurers, to the point that they assign a level of risk to each driver. This level of risk serves to offer you a cheaper or more expensive price in the policy that you are going to contract.

7. Flexible insurance policy

Not all cars are the same and depending on your car you may need one type of insurance or another. If you take out a very standardized policy, it is likely that you are paying for things that you do not use, so if you can opt for a flexible policy, you can probably include the coverage that you really need.

8. If you are a woman, take advantage

There are insurance companies that offer a discount on their policies for being a woman. The reason is that in fatal accidents, 90% of the drivers are male.

9. Share policy

If you are young, you are under 25 years old and have little experience with a driving license, hiring cheap car insurance in your name is very complicated.

One option is to put yourself as the second driver of an insurance contracted on behalf of a more experienced driver.

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