A Google Father’s Day TV ad may touch your heart


A Google Father’s Day TV ad may touch your heart

So Father’s Day is almost over, but it’s not too late to watch Google’s 2021 Father’s Day TV commercial. The father is worried about the relationship he has with his teenage son, Jake. So after asking Google what to do and notice when he asks him a school question, the father turns to YouTube to watch a video called “How to Communicate with a Teenage Boy.”
Once again, Dad sends Jake the same questions and once again Jake refuses to answer his father’s queries or even acknowledge his online presence. Jake’s father is looking for something to hold on to, and reminds him that he can tell himself that this is just the stage his son is going through. He also asks Google for help when talking to his son about bullying, relationships – on any topic (without shouting).
Jake doesn’t answer his father’s call, annoying the old man, who then starts owning a smartphone. He sets a reminder to stop yelling at Jake and sends him a dog meme on the phone saying “Helloooooooo are there?”

Jake’s father, who is aiming for his heart, calls for heavy artillery and asks Google to send his son a series of photos, two of which are fun ten years ago. “Just a reminder,” Dad writes, “I love you.” Finally, this evokes a response from Jake, which we can say is similar thanks to the “writing awareness indicator,” which is now available through Google’s Rich Communication Service (RCS) chat (which has many of the same features as Apple’s iMessage).

Google puts the tag line “Little help for little things.” And we wish those fathers there that you had a happy Father’s Day.

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