A Guide To Succeeding as a High School Principal and Day-to-Day Operations of the School 2022

As a high school principal, your job is to provide academic and administrative leadership to the school.

You are responsible for ensuring that the school runs smoothly and that students are successful. To be successful as a high school principal, you need to have strong leadership skills and be able to effectively communicate with all stakeholders. Keep reading to learn more about how to succeed as a high school principal.

Evaluating Student Achievement and Progress


One important aspect of a high school principal’s job is to evaluate student achievement and progress. This includes assessing students’ academic skills as well as their social-emotional development. A variety of assessment tools can be used to measure student progress, including standardized tests, teacher observations, and student self-reports.

Principals should routinely monitor how students are performing academically by reviewing test scores, looking at course grades, and analyzing data from state assessments It is also important to keep track of how students are doing socially and emotionally.

One way to do this is by surveying teachers about the kind of relationships they have with their students. Additionally, principals can meet with individual students to get feedback on their experiences in school. By evaluating student achievement and progress, principals can identify areas where students need more help and develop strategies to support them.

Managing the Day-to-Day Operations of the School

A high school principal’s job is to manage the day-to-day operations of the school. They are responsible for ensuring that all students are safe and receive a quality education. Principals also need to be good leaders, communicators, and problem solvers. In order to be successful, principals need to have a strong understanding of how schools work and be able to work with a variety of people. They’ll need to do everything from reviewing the student body’s academic performance to keeping them up to date on school events.

And they need to make sure that the school is in good sape. Thankfully, there are tools to help with this. Rise Vision is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for digital signage that empowers education leaders to engage and inform their student body.

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Building a Positive School Culture


A positive school culture is one in which students feel safe and supported. It is a place where they can learn and grow both academically and socially. Be visible and approachable. Make sure you are seen around the school, and take the time to talk to students, staff, and parents.

You should also establish clear rules and expectations. Let students know what is expected of them both academically and behaviorally. Enforce these expectations consistently.

Then, make it a point to promote a sense of community spirit. Encourage students to get involved in extracurricular activities and work together to support one another’s success. Create a positive learning environment. Make sure classrooms are well-organized and conducive to learning. Then, provide teachers with the resources they need to succeed.

Leading Change in Your School Community

The job of a high school principal is constantly evolving and changing. In order to be successful, it is important for principals to lead change in their school community. This can be done by creating a vision for the school, building relationships with stakeholders, and being an advocate for students. Principals should create a vision for their school that reflects the needs of their community. This vision should be communicated to all stakeholders and updated regularly.

By having a clear vision, principals can help guide the direction of their school. Building relationships with stakeholders is also important for leading change. Principals need to engage parents, teachers, students, and other community members in order to get buy-in for changes they want to make.

When everyone is on board, it is more likely that changes will be successful. Finally, principals need to be advocates for students. They need to ensure that all students have access to opportunities and are treated fairly. By advocating for students, principals can help create a positive environment at their school.

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The tips above are a great place to start if you want to be successful as a principal, including tips on communication, management, and leadership.

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