A new hot collection of patriotic Apple Watch bands is just arriving at the Olympics


A new hot collection of patriotic Apple Watch bands is just arriving at the Olympics

Unlike Samsung and Google, Apple’s name can not be found in the long list official sponsors, partners and journalists of the 2020 Olympics. But while that of course means we don’t get any special editions of the company iPhone 12series equipment for the official celebration of late games, nothing can stop the technology giant in Cupertino from participating in national pride.

With the 32nd edition of the Summer Olympics set to finally begin in less than a month, you still have plenty of time to make sure you can “boldly show your country’s support” … as long as you’re rooting for one in only 22 countries.

It may seem small compared to at least 205 nations that are expected to be represented This last year’s Olympics, but it will definitely beat the 14 countries that made it to the special list Apple Watch bands … were not sold in Brazil until 2016.

In addition to the United States, you can buy “soft, breathable and light” International Collection Sport Loops with Australian, Belgian, Brazilian, Canadian, Chinese, Danish, French, German, British, Greek, Italian, Jamaican, Japanese, Mexican flag colors. , The Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain and Sweden directly Applelocal Online Stores as well as “selected” physical locations around the world.
The designs of these “limited edition” bands are apparently pretty straightforward … and as colorful as each flag allows, and if you really want to circumvent your patriotism, you can also download a compatible Stripes dial that expands your national colors Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch SE or “newer” model.

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