A new mountain lift is available for the Hood: Outlaws and Legends series


It’s time for bands of fun players to gather in the green tree when Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive announce the release of a new Mountain Heist content update. This new update is free and offers a deadly new challenge for all potential offenders. See more of the deceptive new mountain map on the trailer below …


Hood: Outlaws and legends the first free content update arrives today, bringing with it a new mountain map that brings new challenges to illegal people around the world. The mountain map consists of two very separate areas connected by bridges. This layout offers players a combination of long front lines and tight, uncovered overpass data, which is a deadly challenge.

This is only the first of the future content of the entire treasure trove. Throughout the rest of the year, players can expect more free content, including the highly anticipated cooperative PvE mode and a new law-breaking game that will change the game.

Hood: Outlaws and legends is now available for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. A special Year 1 Edition is available, which includes a basic game and a Year 1 Battle Pass Pack that gives access to three premium combat passports.

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