A Short Beginners Guide on Motion Graphic Animation For 2022

Many of us are not much familiar with motion graphics. It is a relatively new term for amateurs and non-designers to get to know. The term motion graphics derives a literal meaning of graphics with a movement. It is a moving graphic that has a relation with animation design. A simple layman definition of motion graphics defines a gradual or rapid movement of static images to leave a lasting impression on the customers. It is a process of changing flat images into a dynamic motion to show a profound impact on the audience and grab their noticeable attraction.

Motion graphics bring the right color with a proper layout and design to combine these elements to show a visual appeal to visitors. It is a part of business branding that involves showcasing the brand values, purpose, mission, and vision to target audiences. It provides a visual representation of your business and symbolizes brand products in the market.

Benefits of Motion Graphics

Portrays a Business

Motion graphics is the best way to portray a business and outline a distinctive style for your brand to stand your company apart from the competition. It takes your branding efforts to a new level and shows an innovative visual appeal to customers. Motion graphic animators add creativity and exhibit originality in your visual content to display to clients. It narrates a novel story and develops a keen interest in viewers to hook to a screen and watch a video till the end.

Narrates an Original Story

Selling a product is an actual art. Businesses need to master this art with storytelling to trigger emotion and build a long-term association with customers. They add colorful elements to a video such as music, voice-over, colors, fonts, and dynamic typography to catch the attention of the target audience. Videos explain concepts and simplify complex ideas to make them understood to the customers.

Clarifies the Complex Ideas

Many small and large-scale organizations develop complicated product designs. These designs are not understandable to viewers and need a detailed explanation. Creating a short-length video is a far better idea to explain products visually rather than reading a long-form textual blog. Readers would find more confusion in text-based content and they find ease in visual interpretation of products.

Creates the Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an initial criterion for businesses to build a proper understanding of the audience. It can also be vice versa; customers should also know about a company and browse its products and services. There should be something unusual about a business that describes its significance to customers. It must address problems and provide a useful solution to clients. A business should work for a notable cause such as not for profit and raise a brand voice to a wider reach of customers. Using advanced tools like Adobe after effects and premiere pro can add tremendous value to your brand and convey a meaningful message to the target audience. They turn an imaginary idea into a realistic approach to deliver a better brand value to customers.

6 Latest Trends of Motion Graphics for 2022

Motion graphics is a modern practice of showcasing a brand and publicizing products. Here are the latest trends to follow in 2022 and beyond:

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography denotes textual motion. It displays the motion of text in linear, diagonal, and hexagonal styles to engage the audience. Many TV serials, ad commercials, movies, and music videos use this typography technique to show a creative and artistic movement of text content. It gives a compelling view to viewers and illustrates the video to them by using graphics. Kinetic typography is a popular trend of motion graphics nowadays. It entertains the audience and captures their noticeable attention on the screen.

Animated Logos

A logo is a symbolic identity to a business. It shows a profound impact on the visitors and leaves an eternal impression on them. The logo gives a unique representation of your brand and provides instant recognition among the customers. The use of animated logos has become a popular trend among businesses these days and businesses are willing to include this strategy in their marketing campaigns. They enhance the value of a website or a video to compel people to watch.

Isometric Designs

Isometric design is an excellent motion graphic technique that allows designers to use a 2d or a 3d animation to create movement in any direction. It adds a dynamic effect on the visitors and captures user attention. Isometric designs perceive a clear picture and portray a broader view of a video. It uses a 2d space and draws a 3d image that covers all possible angles for customers. They can have a wider perspective and create multiple dimensions of a video display for the target audience.


Morphing is an act of converting or transforming images into others. It can use single or multiple frameworks to scale the size or dimension of an image. The common examples are facial morphing and physical body morphing for the audience. VFX designers use these techniques to create a dynamic visual effect on their videos to captivate attention and entice customers to buy a product.

Merging the 2D and 3D Animations

The merger of 2d and 3d animations creates a breathtaking effect on videos. It results in something unusual and extraordinary for viewers. The combination of two and three-dimensional animations gives an immersive experience to the target audience. Advertising companies use these technologies to advertise their brands and show a compelling appeal to users.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is the best means of showing a deep view of the background of a website or a video. It is a traditional and creative technique to move images of a website at a slow pace to catch the attention of viewers. Businesses use this technique in web development to showcase the value of their business and illustrate products and services.


Hence, in a nutshell, the above-mentioned is a short beginner’s guide on motion graphic animation for 2022. It provides a complete description and detailed source of information on the subject for designers to pursue their careers in motion graphic design.

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