A24 Stream Green Knight for one night on August 18th


A24 The Green Knight gets its next night much earlier than expected – on August 18, you can purchase a $ 20 ticket to stream the movie through the A24 Screening Room platform.

Just one night of streaming is not a full streaming release for rent or purchase The Green Knight is still exclusively for theaters. (Regular digital release comes later in the theater cycle.)

As such, the show is also much more limited than a typical rental: once you’ve purchased a $ 20 ticket, you can stream the movie for four hours starting Aug. 18 at 9 p.m. ET. However, the stream comes with additional questions and answers with the actors and crew after the film.

Based on a classic epic poem, The Green Knight Starring Dev Patel is the upcoming knight who responds to the unfortunate challenge to the Green Knight on Christmas Day. The film was originally scheduled for release on May 29, 2020, but was postponed this summer due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Once you’ve purchased a ticket, the A24 offers three ways to watch the movie: through a web browser, the Apple TV app, or the Roku app. Unfortunately, however, the A24 is just screening The Green Knight For U.S. viewers – international movie fans can’t join.

The move marks the final blurring of the line between theater and streaming. The price of a $ 20 streaming ticket is comparable to seeing The Green Knight in theaters (especially if shared with multiple friends or family members), and as an added bonus, A24 doesn’t have to share that ticket price with theaters. It’s a similar rebalancing that has led to movements like Disney Plus’s Premiere Access movies, which have provided the opportunity for simultaneous $ 30 digital purchases and theatrical performances for movies such as Black Widow or A jungle cruise. HBO Max has also taken a similar approach and is offering simultaneous digital debuts on its 2020 album at no extra cost for streaming subscriptions in addition to theatrical performances.

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