According to the FCC list, Google’s mid-range Pixel 5A 5G could arrive soon


The Pixel 5A 5G, Google’s mid-range equivalent to last year’s Pixel 5, has been observed FCC database, which suggests a release, may not be far away. Android police, who first saw the two lists, says that no one mentions the name “Pixel 5A” explicitly, but that at least one of the three model numbers (GR0M2) is in line previous reports about barely reported phone.

Android police speculates that one of the models (G1F8F) is a version of the phone intended for release in the United States based on its wireless frequency bands, but reports that this version does not provide support for mmWave 5G networks. Instead, the Pixel 4A 5G provided mmWave support when used with compatible carriers. The other two models can be international versions of the phone.

Otherwise, the business listing doesn’t offer much new detail compared to what’s already been rumored about the phone. Pixel 5A is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, is equipped with a 6.2-inch OLED 1080p displayand includes a headphone jack like Google’s previous A-Series pixels. Two rear cameras – the main camera and the ultra-wide – are expected based on recent cameras ultra wide camera image leak apparently taken on an unpublished phone.

The big question now is when will we officially see Google in detail about the phone, in addition to confirming its existence. When it announced the phone in advance this year in response to rumors that it had been canceled, Google did not give an exact release date and only said it would come “later this year”. It would also officially confirm only the release in the US and Japan, but as Android police notes that it would be strange to produce two international versions of the handset if Japan is the only market for the device outside the United States.

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