Adobe releases Apple M1 support for Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is now ready for anyone using an M1 Mac. Support for Apple’s new chips begins today will be launched in beta in December. Adobe says the speed increases across the application from 50 percent faster startup to 77 percent faster “editing,” no matter what this gigantic term covers.

Apple released the first computers with M1 chips in November. While they are able to run applications built on machines with Intel processors, the programs had to be updated to take full advantage of M1’s speed improvements. Getting Adobe on board has always been a must – its applications are critical creative tools for many industries – and fortunately, Adobe has been pretty quick to get updates from the door of the biggest applications. Lightroom for M1 launched in December, For Photoshop M1 launched in March and For Lightroom Classic, Illustrator and InDesign M1 launched in June. Adobe Character Animator and Media Encoder will also receive M1 support today.

Premiere Pro will also receive some other feature updates in its July release. The biggest is the speech-to-text feature, formerly in beta, which can automatically create a video file. There’s also a new subtitle customization feature that lets you adjust how that text might appear in your video.

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