Aftercare Tips for Keeping Your Korean Perm Looking Fresh and Healthy

With the Hallyu tsunami sweeping the globe, it is reasonable to assume that Korea is home to the largest beauty trend-setters. When it comes to hair, it is the same. Enter Korean perms, the closest you can come to the dramatic hairstyle of a Korean actress. The Korean perm emphasizes creating softer, more natural curls rather than the old-fashioned, frizzy curls that perms used to produce. So bid flat hair farewell and welcome bouncy, natural curls.

Prior to washing your hair, wait at least 48 hours.

Despite the temptation to wash your hair, particularly given Singapore’s humid climate, your perm requires time to set. You run the danger of hastening the breakup of your curls by washing your hair. Your locks will all be flattened and messed up by it. You must wait at least 48 hours for the components applied to your hair to be fully absorbed. So, two days after obtaining a perm, Best Salon Singapore advised against using shampoo. The longer you could wait—up to 72 hours—the better.

Use curl-specific hair products.

Use curl-enhancing products and crunch your curls upward to maintain the shape of your C-Curl digital perm. Make sure the shampoo and/or conditioner you use are designed specifically for curly hair. We are aware that some of you may be tempted to hydrate your curls with a moisturizer or serum; go ahead if doing so makes your hair feel healthier, but we advise against using cream-based products since they weigh down the curls and flatten your hair rather than giving it volume.

Get Rid of That Cotton Towel

This is your cue to invest in purchasing the soft microfiber towel if you haven’t already. Because they seem 100 times finer and softer than real human hair, microfiber towels are well-known among experts. They are therefore the softest fabric for hair care. Using a standard cotton towel will harm your hair and make it more frizzy.

Do not use heat styling tools.

You had the Korean perm procedure in order to curl your hair. Therefore, kindly put any curing tools down. After receiving a korean perm, you shouldn’t use any curling irons since they will further damage your hair and break down the strands. Make sure to let the stylist know in advance if you are not happy with your curls. Never curl them on your own.

Abandon the comb

A comb has the potential to release curls or, in the worst situation, straighten hair. Therefore, do away with the comb and simply run your fingers through your hair lightly. Avoid touching your scalp if possible since the dirt on your fingertips may develop clogged pores, which can cause itching and oil buildup. One piece of advice is to comb your hair after shampooing to minimise tangles and make sure the hair product is applied evenly to your scalp and hair.


The curls, volume, and texture you’ve been coveting may be yours with a perm since they’ve become quite popular again. With perms, all you really need to do to get ready in the morning is scrunch a little product into your hair, as opposed to spending 20 to 30 minutes every morning curling and otherwise tinkering with it to achieve your desired results.

Despite the fact that they could make life a little simpler, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this chemical process could make your hair a little more brittle than usual. To keep your hair healthy and looking the way you want it to, perms call for some maintenance and specialized products from Bada hair, Best Salon Singapore and give them a perfect look. 


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