Airbnb’s new tool makes it easier for hosts to list Wi-Fi speeds for telecommuting holidays


Airbnb on adding a new tool for hosts it allows them to easily test and list their Wi-Fi speeds in lists. The new addition is a recognition that – especially with the current telecommuting and school model – customers are renting Airbnb properties not only for holidays but also for business trips that offer a change of landscape. In this sense, a useful feature is to know that you can really get a strong internet connection when booking.

While it has been possible for hosts to list Wi-Fi speeds or share screenshots of a speed test in the past, the new tool is integrated directly into the Airbnb application (using M-Lab’s open source software) and allows Wi-Fi speed to be displayed directly in the list along with other property information.

And by using a standardized test built into their app, Airbnb can help ensure that customers really get an accurate picture of property expectations: hosts can only show the results that the Airbnb app speed test actually finds, instead of enlarging or rounding numbers up.

A new speed test feature is coming to market in the United States and will expand globally in the “coming weeks.”

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