Alexandre Aja provides an update on the alligator hit from the Crawl sequel


When making rounds to their Netflix thrillers Oxygen (Read the ★★★★ review here), Alexandre Aja has talked about his second project, alligator activity Crawling, and providing an update on a possible sequel.

Crawling made more than $ 90 million in global box office revenue with a $ 13.5 million budget, so tracking was always likely, and Aja said Bloody disgustingis Boo Crew Podcast that they have “talked about continuing indefinitely and put together a really, really fun grip”.

He explained that he wasn’t too sure if the sequel would focus again on Kaya Scodelario’s character, saying, “I think Haley’s story is really strong, but I think it Crawling The intention is for nature to take back an overdue, and a kind, more hurricane-driven person or animal. So it may be a whole other story. “Drive continued,‘ We’re looking for just that human story that’s as strong as the first. For the other to be legal. “

The story makes sense to be different. You’re really testing the credibility of the audience if you put Hayley close to the alligators again, but then you look again at what happened to John McClane.

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