Alien Invasion arrives at GOG


Ziggurat Interactive has today released two retro shots on GOG that take players back to the dizzying days of the 90s. Number of operation and Corridor 7: Alien Invasion drop players into the middle of an action where terrorists and intergalactic invaders are the greatest threat to humanity. The new trailers appear below and present these games in all pixels.


In Number of operation Victor Baloch and his terrorist organization have seized the United Nations building. The entire building is locked and they hold world leaders hostage. As the leader of the Elite Forces team, players must defeat the terrorists and release the hostages before Baloch threatens.

Players have to fight their way through 40 layers full of terrorists and command and control their team by changing the team member of their choice. Players have a variety of weapons to kill terrorists, including submachine guns, assault rifles, flamethrowers, and grenade launchers, all of which have the ability to damage the environment.

Go to the penthouse, release the hostages and kill Victor Baloch or the world will plunge into chaos.


Corridor 7: Alien Invasion place players in an alien line of fire from another dimension. Thanks to the tampering of scientists with things they really don’t understand, a portal has been opened to another dimension, and it has given a number of foreigners the opportunity to murder everything they find. As a special forces single-handed player, players must fight their way through the 30 floors of the Delta Base Research Institute and close the gate power supply.

Number of operation and Corridor 7: Alien Invasion are now available on GOG for a limited time at a 33% discount.


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