Amazon is funding these Diane von Furstenberg echo points


Amazon is launching the next line of products for the Build It crowdfunding platform. The company has partnered with fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg on several Echo Dot smart speakers that will only go on sale if enough people order them within 30 days.

It is by no means given. Amazon launched the Build It program earlier this year three Alexa-powered devices – the nutrition scale, the cuckoo clock and the notepad printer – and only the last of them reached its goal on time. Amazon currently evaluating that the Smart Sticky Note printer will be shipped between July and September, but if you didn’t get into the Build It campaign, you can’t pre-order it.

The Echo Dot x Diane von Furstenberg series is available in three versions: Midnight kiss, Ikatand Brushwood. They all have a special promo price of $ 59.99, which is $ 10 more than a an ordinary fourth-generation point or the same price as the cute panda and Tiger Kids Edition model.

Here is the whole collection:

From left to right: Branches, Ikat and Midnight Kiss.

Amazon doesn’t say exactly how many people will need to order each model to actually build it, but the deadline is August 13th. You will only be charged if and when the products are shipped.

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