Amazon is in talks to buy MGM for $ 9 billion


James Bond, The story of a slave girl, Rocky, Stargate, Robocop, Legally blonde, The Vikings, historical list several decades-old films, a number of production and distribution companies, and the Epix content network – these are things Amazon might own if it buys multi-layered film giant MGM for billions of dollars in the near future.

Amazon has reportedly offered the company $ 9 billion, by Variety, to follow scoop Information earlier in the day, which proposed a range of $ 7-10 billion for potential trade, and Variety suggests that $ 9 billion was also the amount that MGM hoped to receive.

Among these factors is the fact that MGM has been on sale since December 2020, and the sudden existence of a new media giant that sees AT&T break away from WarnerMedia and merge with Discovery, it would not be very surprising if Amazon and MGM entered into an agreement. Information was slightly less bullish in its report today, although it wrote that “the status of Amazon’s discussions with MGM is unclear and it is possible that no agreement will be reached.”

In December, Caretaker reported that MGM has a library of 4,000 films and 17,000 hours of television. James Bond in particular is one of the most valuable film fractions of all time – a list that only grows when the Disney umbrella and the Marvel Cinematic Universe swallow as many competitors as possible.


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