Amazon is investigating allegations of harassment and discrimination in its AWS unit


Amazon investigates allegations of discrimination and harassment in its Amazon Web Services (AWS) unit following an employee appeal criticizing AWS culture, Washington Post reported. More than 550 Amazon employees signed a petition urging AWS to “address the culture of systemic discrimination, harassment, bullying and bias against women and under-represented groups.” Send reported. The petition further alleges that Amazon’s system for investigating claims of discrimination is not “fair, objective or transparent”.

The petition referred to the allegations of former AWS employees:

  • In May, five women sued Amazon, claiming racial and gender discrimination. One of the women, Cindy Warner, worked in the AWS division and had accused the manager of making homophobic comments. When he hired a lawyer, Warner said he was fired in retaliation.
  • Last August, former AWS employee Laudon Williams wrote in a LinkedIn post that he left the company because he saw cases he considered to be sex discrimination.

The petition was sent to Andy Jassy, ‚Äč‚ÄčAmazon’s new CEO, Adam AWipipy, former AWS CEO and current AWS CEO. Send reported. Selipsky later wrote an email to the petitioner stating that Amazon had hired an outside company for the investigation. The petitioners want the company to carry out an independent study by AWS, which will be completed by 30 October.

Amazon did not respond immediately to the comment request on Friday.

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