Amazon is removing popular technical brands in the midst of a fake inspection leak


If you go to Amazon looking for a new charger or a pair of headphones today your options are limited. People are starting to notice that popular companies ’chargers, cables, speakers, and headphones — probably among other categories — aren’t either shipped or are completely off the platform. Aukey and Mpow, very well-known companies with popular products, have disappeared from Amazon.

And we have a good idea for a reason: fake reviews.

Cybersecurity Defender SafetyDetective revealed a huge amount of information referring to a comprehensive pay-for-play rating system that is expected to focus on Chinese-based phone and computer accessories companies that sell primarily on Amazon. The leak revealed a system where companies pay to produce genuine-looking but completely falsified reviews of new products. The goal is simple: Shoot Amazon’s rankings to get a high number and average rating, which will trigger a water wheel of shopping and actual reviews.

The system would mainly encourage third-party companies to purchase products, provide favorable five-star reviews from fake user accounts, and then receive compensation for the products (and some) through a separate payment platform to protect the integrity of the “confirmed purchase”. entry on Amazon. The leak shows more than 75,000 Amazon accounts being used for the services, although the true extent is not yet known. There could be many more individuals or smaller groups participate in the system.

It is quite shocking to see beloved companies withdraw from allegedly falsified reviews.

It is also not clear how involved the product sales companies were in the system, although it is difficult to imagine that they were completely ignorant. Amazon’s fake reviews are a long-standing problem, and while Amazon is clearly aware of them, it’s becoming harder to detect as the Home Industry has evolved with companies offering convincingly real-looking reviews. Sites like Fakespot and ReviewMeta this company filters out fake reviews and offers a second layer in addition to Amazon’s extensive work – but they are clearly not fully effective.

We have asked Amazon to comment.

The complete disappearance of all Aukey products and the company’s Amazon stores is a shock – especially for those who really use and love its products. I’ve been using Aukey equipment for years and it has really earned a positive reputation – but it seems like it wasn’t good enough to achieve the investments and goals set by the company. Two of its direct competitors, Anker and RAVPower, have not been affected so far.

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