Amazon quietly in Twitch-based Pac-Man


In May 2020 Amazon announced Pac-Man Live Studio, an interesting new version Pac-Man that you can play right inside Twitch. The game was scheduled for release in June – but recently the company removed all traces of it from Amazon Games. Almost a year after that Live studio had to debut, its status is still a mystery.

Right now, Live studiopage on Amazon Games displays a 404 error, but Wayback has an archived version of the filled web page From April 7. This archived version has a release date “coming soon” – several months after the original June release date. And Wario64, which you might know as one the best video game finders on Twitter, said the site did not work only in mid-April.

The game has a live page on Pac-Man’s official websitewho says Live studio is “coming soon” and lists Bandai Namco as a developer and publisher of Amazon Games.

There’s also a live Twitter account, @PlayPacManLive, it just has sent a handful / Tweets. The latest is From 16 August 2020 (in response to a tweet from an account that no longer exists) by saying that “we are closer to having all the pellets in place”.

When I found out about the status of the game, Amazon said it passed my inquiry about the status of the game to Bandai Namco, who has not responded.

Pac-Man Live Studio could show another example of an Amazon-supported game that doesn’t materialize. Hero shooter Crucible was launched last May but was put back in the closed beta in July and was eventually canceled in October. The studio also canceled a Lord of the Rings online role-playing game in April Following a contractual dispute with Tencent. (Amazon is still working on it very expensive Lord of the Rings series, however.)

And an open world MMO new world, Amazon Games’ current tent ID (and I should add, the only list In the Games section studio website), delayed for the third time from the spring 2021 release on 31 August in February.

If Pac-Man Live Studio never coming out, it may also show that Amazon is lowering potential targets to offer playable games on Twitch. Live studio not just to let you play a classic Pac-Man mazes you know – it also offers collaboration with up to four players and lets you create and share your own mazes.

Of course, many games have been delayed due to the pandemic, but it’s not clear what’s going on here, especially since both Amazon and Bandai Namco have been so quiet.

Despite many recent cancellations by Amazon Games, the company recently reiterated its support for game development. In response to a condemnatory Bloomberg report from January describing the studio’s problems, future Amazon CEO Andy Jassy shared the memo internally, also reported Bloomberg, which states the company’s ongoing commitment to gaming.

“Some companies start operations in their first year, and others take many years,” Jassy said. “While we haven’t yet succeeded consistently in AGS, I do believe if we hang in there.”


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