Amazon unveils a new stunning trio of Echo Show devices before headline 2021


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With The main day 2021 just around the corner and the killer of Amazon’s best internal devices is already piling up in other special situations, it should come as no great surprise that the e-commerce giant is refreshing and expanding its wide range of smart displays just weeks after that. as well as with the company’s Fire tablet family.

The best thing about the new Echo Show 10 is the road to Echo Show 8

Although the “brand new” Echo Show 8 looks at first glance quite identical to its predecessor, with exactly the same dimensions and weight, the forward-facing camera is borrowed “brand new” Echo Show 10, was unveiled last year and was released earlier this year with a redesigned look compared to its own predecessor in 2018.

That’s right, both Echo Show 8 and 10 can now keep you in the frame constantly as you video chat with family or friends. Properly named auto-frame technology that pans and zooms to ensure that the focus is always on you when you reach your loved one from afar, the updated Echo Show 8 also features a significantly better number of megapixels for shooters.

We’re talking 13 megapixels, just one (yes, one) ahead old Echo Show 8, which makes it much more impressive to see that the new model retains its predecessor at a reasonable starting price of $ 129.99.

This is due, at least in part, to the fact that other key features remain largely unchanged, from the high-definition resolution of the actual 8-inch screen (1280 x 800 pixels) to 2-inch stereo speakers and, of course, the latest Alexa skills supported by the entire Echo configuration.

Interestingly, the first-generation Echo Show 8 will catch on, at least for now, with a small $ 20 discount that is set to grow as headline 2021 approaches.

Echo Show 5 also has an enhanced camera (and a child-friendly cousin)

While the 2-megapixel cam really doesn’t sound impressive by today’s smartphone market standards, Amazon is trying to paint this update a big problem by noting that the second-generation Echo Show 5 features “double pixels” from the first edition of the small-sized smart display.
In other case OG Echo Show 5 included a modest 1MP shooter, while the sequel to 2021 features … a slightly less modest 2MP “HD” camera for higher quality video calling. The only other change seems to be the new, deep-sea blue color associated with current Charcoal and Glacier White paintings, and the $ 89.99 price point for the 2019 Echo Show 5 drops to $ 84.99 (subtly) from the revamped edition.

Not surprisingly, the first-generation Echo Show 5 is on sale at a huge $ 40 discount, but you may have to hurry because, of course, there’s no guarantee that Amazon will be able to continue selling the device at this greatly reduced price for a very long time.

Before deciding which of the two “normal” small-sized smart screens suits their needs (and budget), parents may also want to consider the Amazon Beginner Echo show for kids.

The all-new Echo Show 5 Kids costs $ 94.99 with a single but very fun and eye-catching chameleon with the same exact features as the new non-kid Echo Show 5, as well as a built-in child lock, one free year of Amazon Kids + content, and a two-year worry-free warranty that covers a new Alexa-compatible device for your brand … against almost anything and everything.


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