Amazon will give you the full $ 10 of your palm print


Amazon offers a $ 10 credit if you register your biometric data with the company’s palmprint recognition system on Amazon One. Promotion, noticed TechCrunch, says people need to link their palmprints to their Amazon account to get the prize, although it’s not clear where it’s available.

Amazon released Amazon One in In September last year, introducing it as an easy way to pay in company stores, as well as a future identity service that other places and businesses can use. Users simply place their hands on top of the company’s scanners, which identify their unique palmprint based on its lines, ridges and vein patterns. This information can be used to verify payments in stores, but also instead of admission tickets and the like.

Amazon One is currently available in 50 U.S. locations, including Whole Food stores and Amazon Go stores. In April, Amazon said that “thousands” of customers have signed up for the service, even though the company did not respond to a comment on the offer.

Amazon One campaign.
Photo: via Amazon TechCrunch

The retail giant presents Amazon One as “a fast, convenient and contactless way for people to use their palms to access, identify and pay”. But critics say the technology is unnecessary because local payment cards offer similar benefits and potential security risk.

“Benefit [of your palm print] that it is your responsibility all the time, you cannot lose this, but it is also a disadvantage because you can never change it, ”says Reuben Binns, a security researcher and academician at Oxford University. said Limit last year. “You can never change your palm like your password or other identifiers.”

Many have expressed concern about a company like Amazon specifically collecting such data. The company has been criticized in the past for pushing new technology in an awkward way: for sale biased face recognition algorithms and expand it aggressively a network of police-connected home surveillance cameras.

It’s also clear that Amazon wants other companies to use Amazon One as an identity service. This would allow Amazon to track people in a variety of physical locations – not just in stores, but also in office buildings, stadiums and the like.

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