Amazon won Microsoft’s $ 10 billion NSA cloud deal


After spending years fighting with the Department of Defense’s $ 10 billion JEDI cloud service agreement, Microsoft and Amazon are fighting for a new government deal. Now it is the National Security Agency that is offering a contract that could cost up to $ 10 billion when it moves from local servers to a commercial service provider. However, like Washington technology first reported, this time Amazon Web Services won the $ 10 billion competition, and Microsoft has turned make a protest with the government accountability agency.

Washington technology Microsoft reports that the NSA did not make a proper assessment when considering the provider of its new project, codenamed WildandStormy. In its opinion NextGov, An NSA spokesman confirmed the award and the protests, saying, “The agency will respond to the protest in accordance with appropriate federal regulations.”

The NSA is pursuing a “Hybrid Compute Initiative” project to meet processing and analysis requirements while also maintaining intelligence (although you may not need as much storage space as before). AWS already owns many public cloud contracts, but the JEDI process revealed Microsoft to be a huge competitor. Last year, the CIA split its Commercial Cloud Enterprise agreement between five companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Oracle and IBM. Last year, Microsoft blog post said it was seeking U.S. government accreditation for its Azure Government top secret areas “to satisfy more agility in a classified space.”

When Amazon called for a review of the JEDI contract process, it did mentioned “Mistakes and unmistakable biases,” when former President Donald Trump announced his intervention and brought his hostility to then-CEO Jeff Bezos. In the end, the DoD decided that the design of the program no longer met its needs and overturned the whole plan continue the multi-vendor solution Common Warfighter Cloud Capability. Will WildandStormy face a similar fate? A step towards a response will come in the next few months, as GAO’s decision is due by October 29th.

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