Amazon WorkingWell is a new program to protect the health of warehouse workers


Amazon will launch a new series of health programs called WorkingWell, designed to prevent workplace injuries in the company’s extensive warehousing and distribution center system in the United States. While the new health program is an attempt to address 40 percent of work-related injuries identified by Amazon as musculoskeletal disorders (think carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain), there will be no change long shifts and demanding working conditions it might cause them.

As part of WorkingWell, employees have dedicated meetings to watch videos on health and safety issues, as well as designated spaces for stretching and meditation at work. Depending on the position and job, some employees also receive timed video prompts that guide them to stretching and mental well-being exercises (Amazon calls these moments of mind and body). Amazon also plans to store more healthy snacks in the break rooms to complement the health-focused lifestyle it is trying to promote.

Out of stock, Amazon says it will provide neighborhood wellness centers for the primary health care needs of some workers – to cover everything from filling prescriptions and providing vaccines to ongoing care such as physiotherapy. Since this is a technology company trying to combat “health,” there’s also a mobile app that collects all of Amazon’s instructional videos and directs AmaZen meditations (yes, that’s the name) for employees to use at home.

In March, the Amazon was criticized how it uses gameplay increase employee performance, and it is difficult to see that WorkingWell is a continuation of such thinking. It arrives after Jeff Bezos told shareholders the company needs to “do a better job for our employees,” but it seems to be helping to make such structural changes various Amazon unions Profit trying is much better than any other company willing to offer freely.

Amazon plans to offer WorkingWell on all U.S. operating networks by the end of 2021.


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