AMD ramps up GPU production to tackle the graphics card shortage

 AMD is up and arms to resolve the current GPU shortages. The GPU market has shaken up a lot thanks to scalpers and miners taking massive lots of graphics cards meant for gamers. During this silicon shortage, there is very little supply of graphics cards. Even if you look at the second-hand market, you will be presented with obscene prices for a card that costs just under $400.

The Pandemic has shifted the technology industry back, causing shortages and supply constraints. As companies scramble to release new products, they have silicon shortages lower the production of electronic devices. AMD and Nvidia did launch their latest Radeon and Ampere GPUs, but most of the consumers didn’t get most of the cards.

AMD is up to the task of ramping up the production of their latest Radeon 6000 series graphics card and notebook graphics. The company previously launched the mid-ranged Radeon 6700XT graphics card aimed at 1440p gaming. Lisa Su, AMD’s CEO, stated AMD is on track to release its latest RDNA2 architecture graphics card in notebooks. 

TSMC manfacturer

AMD’s CEO states that they are working closely with their supply chain partner. They will have a good amount of graphics card supply for the year. AMD’s manufacturing partner TSMC is currently at maxed capacity. The silicon manufacturer operates at a nearly 100% load. TSMC manufactures products for AMD, Apple, and More.

The manufacturing line is kind of packed; AMD seems to stock up their graphics card supply before shipping it out to every distributor. But that will not change the hiked-up prices of the graphics card. The silicon shortages have taken a hit on the graphics card stock. Miners have been buying GPUs in bulk. Scalpers, on the other hand, try to make a profit in the current scenario. 

AMD is looking to increase its sales on its Radeon graphics card. According to AMD’s latest earnings call, the graphics revenue has seen strong growth. In the first quarter of the fiscal year 2021, the revenue has increased by double-digit percentage year-over-year. The company is looking to follow the trend rampantly, trying to increase sales.  

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