AMD’s Ryzen 5000 processors with integrated graphics are now available for purchase


In April, AMD announced versions of its Ryzen 5000 desktop processors with an integrated graphics card, but it only offered them for prefabricated OEM systems, promising to sell the chips to consumers later this year. Well, “later this year” is today, and AMD is now offering it Ryzen 5000 G series APUs for anyone to buy, not just multi-million dollar PC manufacturers.

Currently, only two Ryzen 5000 G-Series chips are available for purchase on the AMD website: the eight-core Ryzen 7 for 5700G for $ 359 and the six-core Ryzen for 5 5600G for $ 259. Both chips, like standard Ryzen 5000 processors, are built on AMD’s 7nm process and its Zen 3 architecture.

Currently, AMD only sells these two models (more powerful options in the Ryzen 5000 G-Series range). The Ryzen 3 5300G and Ryzen 3 5300GE are still listed on AMD’s website as “OEM only,” and neither the 35W GE versions of the 5700G and 5600G appear to be available for purchase yet.

The new chips are otherwise identical to their OEM counterparts shipped earlier this year, meaning they continue to use AMD’s older Vega graphics card, not its latest RDNA / Navi process found on the latest Radeon GPUs. But if you don’t need very powerful graphics to run the latest AAA games with ultra settings, new chips may be a good option to consider (especially considering how hard it is to get a new GPU these days).

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