An Apple employee testifies that the company made at least $ 100 million from Fortnite


The ongoing Epic v. Apple experiment continued today with interesting testimonies from Michael Schmid, director of gaming at the App Store. Bloomberg said today that Schmid said that in the two years before Apple kicked Fortnite out of the App Store last year, the game earned $ 100 million in rewards Apple. Schmid did not give the exact amount of dollars or state whether the reward Apple earned was more than $ 200 million, stating that it would be “inappropriate” for him to respond.
The game was removed from the App Store After Epic offered to circumvent Apple’s 30% of the App Store’s in-app revenue, it created its own in-app payment platform for Fortnite players to use when purchasing currency for the game. This violated Apple’s own rules and led to the expulsion of the game from the iOS app store.

According to application analyst Sensor Tower, Fortnite users spent nearly $ 1.2 billion on Fortnite purchases through the App Store last year. Apple’s 30 percent cut in revenue was about $ 354 million. Epic is trying to show that Apple makes outrageously big profits from the App Store to show that Apple is a monopoly.

Schmid, who ran Apple’s business with Fortnite developer Epic Games, confirmed his earlier comments on the amount of money Apple spent on promoting the game. Schmid reiterated today that Apple spent $ 1 million marketing Fortnite over the past 11 months on the App Store. Epic’s attorney, Lauren Moskowitz, called the relationship between the amount of money he received from the game and the $ 1 million he spent on marketing it a “good deal” for Apple.

The amount of money Apple raised from in-app purchases made by Fortnite players over the past 30 months was at least $ 100 million. But it’s a small potato compared to just $ 22 billion that Apple took from the App Store last year alone.

Other companies that are looking at the lawsuit passionately are Netflix and Spotify, both of which have had very public battles with Apple over what has become known as Apple Tax.


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