An unparalleled vulnerability in Samsung phones could allow hackers to read your messages


An unparalleled vulnerability in Samsung phones could allow hackers to read your messages

Undetected vulnerabilities can give hackers a considerable amount of control over you Samsung equipment. Found a security company Overinsured founder Sergei Toshin, they told about them first Sleeping computer.

One of these unresolved security holes could help attackers trick you into giving access to your text messages.

If this sounds alarming, it gets worse: hackers can exploit two other vulnerabilities to handle arbitrary files with higher permissions. More frightening is that they can be exploited without user interaction.

Samsung is aware of these security vulnerabilities and it may take approximately two months for the repair to arrive. So far, the best way is to make sure your Samsung phone has the latest firmware update.

Samsung has fixed 14 of the 17 vulnerabilities found by Toshin

Toshin has discovered more than a dozen vulnerabilities in Samsung devices since the beginning of the year. Many have already been treated.

One of the flaws was in the applications that were pre-installed on Samsung devices. The second resulted in the removal of all previously downloaded applications after the device administrator privileges were granted to the newly installed application.

There was also an error in Settings that could have granted read / write access to files that have system user-level permissions. A vulnerability that was fixed in February could have allowed hackers to access your SMS / MMS messages and call records

Toshin also warned Samsung of problems that may have helped bad players retrieve the contents of the SD card.

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