Android 12 update beta and new features


For the next, anticipated version of Android, Google is preparing to open the tap not only for new features but also for the long overdue interface polishing. After new Android 12 interface leaked recently, Google introduced Android 12 to developers just on schedule and will likely unveil the public beta at its I / O event in the spring. The new interface takes the tips from here to the best Samsung’s single interface, and for good reason. Here’s what to expect from Google’s next version of Android 12.

Android 12 release date

  • September 2, 2021
  • Android 12 Developer Preview 2 Release Date: March 17, 2021
Google released Android versions 7-9 on Monday, the hot summer month of August, after which it moved Android 10 and the current version of Android to the first Tuesday in September Android 11, releasing them on 3 September and 8 September. In that thought, the release date for Android 12 for manufacturers should be September 2, as Google itself will give the last of August Android 12 Stable Beta time frame.

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Needless to say, Google already has a developer preview of the latest mobile operating system, where most of the new features will be prepared for testing and unveiled to the public later in the spring. Last year, a preview of Android 11 developers was on Wednesday, February 19, while Android 12 dev preview was released to developers on February 18th.

How to install the new Android 12 Developer Preview Beta

2. Download and install the Android 12 update on your Pixel phone, it will be updated with new bets when it is released.

New Android 12 features

  • Support for devices with rounded corners
  • Messaging applications may require authentication to clear lock screen notifications.
  • The one-swipe gesture returns to the home screen in full-screen mode except for gaming.
  • Easy copying of rich content (images, videos) between apps and the App Pairs sharing system.
  • New notifications – unified searches for customized content, faster in-app transitions, smoother animations and transitions.

  • One-handed mode – moving active elements below the screen at your fingertips.
  • Haptic-coupled audio effect – combine custom sound with custom vibration in games or other applications.
  • The core Android 12 system elements are updated through the Play Store instead of slower full system updates.
  • Versatile customization options for foldable phone or TV interfaces
  • Advanced wallpaper-based theme support
  • Scrolled screenshots
  • Emojit in screenshots
  • Intelligent rotation lock
  • Application sleep mode
  • Double-tap the back gesture command
  • Sharing your Wi-Fi password with Near sharing
  • Tracking-preventing features and privacy improvements
  • Compatible media transcoding – automatic HEVC video encoding for applications.
  • New support for AVIF image compression file format

Shared screen and rich content insertion features on Android 12

The new rich content insertion feature lets you seamlessly copy plain and stylish text into annotations, images, videos, audio files, and more from one application to another, whether the source is a clipboard, keyboard, or a simple drag-and-drop. between the shared screen application interface.

Google is also working on rebooting shared screen mode at the system level for Android 12. This provides a better and more intuitive multitasking experience for Android users. Instead of opening a single app and then activating split-screen mode for that app through the Recent view, users can group two apps into tasks and quickly launch those pairs or switch between apps and individual apps.

Android 12 also allows people to pair two apps easily from the Recent view. When you use such a pair, the splitter between the two apps also gets a bonus feature. Dragging the divider still resizes both apps, but when you double-tap it, the two active apps quickly switch places.

New Android 12 interface

Google’s design concept revealed that Android 12 will have a new notification interface that replaces the current transparent look with light beige opaque. The tone may change if dark mode is enabled; the rounded corners of each announcement are easier to see, and developers now have ways to play with background inaccuracies as well.

Google reduced the number of quick settings icons to four from six and they will appear as the notification panel expands. The icons are larger than usual because there are fewer icons used. The date and clock locations have been changed to the front of the screen, and there are new privacy indicators in the upper right corner. Tapping these icons tells you exactly which apps are using your mobile phone’s microphone and camera. The “Sensors off” icon in the quick settings allows the user to turn off and off all the sensors in the phone with a single tap. The Developer Settings menu must be enabled to see this icon.

Moving Forward, the mandatory Conversations widget displays messages from Android users, missed calls, and more. Due to its small size, the widget can only display one item at a time. It is also mandatory to use the camera and microphone icons on the front display, which must be visible when using the camera and microphone. You may remember that Apple added something similar to iOS 14.2. A small green dot in the upper right corner of the iPhone screen means that the app is using the handset’s camera, while an orange dot indicates that the app is using the iPhone’s microphone.

New app sleep feature in Android 12

By climbing the new Android 12 features on the ladder, Google may be working in app hibernation mode. The system allows applications to enter hibernation mode when not in use, and helps free up storage space.

New one-handed mode and double-tap navigation in Android 12

The rumored double-tap gesture for Android 11 should now move to Android 12, replacing the outdated Active Edge squeeze a feature that is not found Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5. Double-tapping would allow Pixel users to activate the Assistant, take a screenshot, control media playback, bring down the notification bar, open the latest apps view, and other programmable commands, or it can be disabled if not needed. This is probably one of the user-driven features that will be previewed during the Google I / O event in the spring. In addition, there is currently an active one-handed mode that moves UI elements down at your fingertips, similar to Apple’s Reachability, but Android phone makers have had a better solution for some time.

When will my phone get Android 12?

  • Samsung Galaxy Android 12 update: October beta, December 2021 stable
  • Android 12 update for LG phones: January 22nd
  • Android update for OnePlus phones: September beta, October 2021 stable
  • Android 12 update for Motorola phones: September beta, January 22 stable
  • Android 12 update for Nokia phones: October 2021
  • Oppo, vivo, Android 12 update for Realme phones: Q4 2021
  • Android 12 update for Sony phones: December 2021

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