Annapurna showed a lot of great games in their first show


Thanks for games like Florence, Gorogoaand What’s left of Edith Finch, Annapurna Interactive has steadily become one of the most interesting publishers of indie games around the world. And in its first showcase event, the publisher showed that there is much more to the works. In less than 30 minutes, Annapurna unveiled new exciting partnerships and unveiled upcoming games that include everything from cat hunting to demons in the cat heaven. Here is everything that was shown.

Harha makes you a cyberpunk cat

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the event was the debut game trailer Harha, a game set in some kind of forgotten cyberpunk city where you play as a lost cat. It looks like a good action-adventure game, albeit one that lets you cheer up robots and scratch the couch. It is scheduled to be released on PlayStation and Steam in early 2022.

Skillful escape gets release date and star actors

Great music adventure Skillful escape sends players on a “psychedelic, multidimensional journey” involving a lot of killer riffs. It also has a killer: the game showcases sound work such as Michael Johnston, Caroline Kinley, Lena Headey, Jason Schwartzman, Mark Strong and Carl Weathers. It will be published on 9. September on Xbox and PC.

Storytellers lets you build your own narrative

One of the brand new announcements was Storytellers, which is a little puzzle game where the goal is to create a story. You will be given a theme, characters, locations and other narrative elements that you can then mix and match using a very intuitive drag and drop system. It will be listed “soon” for both Switch and Steam.

Outer Wilds is expanding

A mysterious sci-fi adventure Outer Wilds is getting even bigger: an extension called Echo of the eye, is scheduled to launch on September 28. The trailer is delightfully mysterious, so it looks like fans have to wait to see what it really contains.

A closer look Neon White

Neon White seems to be quite a starting point Donits County creator Ben Esposito. It’s described as a fast-running first-person shooter “destroying demons in heaven,” and the new game trailer gives a better idea of ​​what it really means. It is expected to launch later this year on Switch and PC.

Sun ash is coming in October

The team behind Hyper Light Drifter returns with another great action game, and now we know when it’s coming. Sun ash will be released on October 26 on PC and PlayStation.

Note blue examines memory

Another new announcement Note blue has been described as “a pulsating story of a mother and daughter experienced through election memories and repressed memories.” It doesn’t have a release date right now, but it’s coming to a huge platform.

Game trailer Skin deep

Blendo’s next release seems to make the world of immersive sims just a little weird. The sci-fi game, according to the developer, is “creeping, destabilizing and sabotaging, all without shoes”. You will understand what that means from the game trailer above.

Everyday shooter.

Several new partnerships

In addition to the new games, Annapurna also announced release agreements with a quartet of exciting developers. This includes Jessica Mak, best known for her music games Sound forms and Everyday shooter, as well as horror studio No Code and Falcon Age developed by Outerloop Games. The publisher is also working on a new team called Ivy Road, which he leads Stanley Parable creator Davey Wreden and Karla Zimonja, formerly Away from home developed by Fullbright.

Tell lies.

Old games, new platforms

Some of the publisher’s most popular games are also coming to new platforms in the near future. Both Tell lies and Gorogoa are coming for an Xbox Game Pass, Poluton is coming to Steam on November 16, I’m dead is coming to Xbox and PlayStation on August 9 and Edith Finch will switch to a mobile device on the iOS port on August 16th.

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