Another day, another great Apple AirPods Pro deal


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Another day, another great Apple AirPods Pro deal

Based on Rave reviews AirPods Pro returned in 2019 and no doubt stable global sales figures since then, you probably never expected to see Applethe most impressive real wireless earbuds so far more often and deeply discounted than Samsung’s Galaxy Buds family.

Normally available for a stunning $ 249, the AirPods Pro can be purchased today for only $ 159.99 with “minimal cosmetic damage” that is completely inconspicuous when held at arm’s length and at least 85 percent battery capacity, and perhaps most importantly, a 90-day Woot Limited Warranty .
Nor can we be sure that an Amazon-owned online store will be able to keep this campaign through until the end of the day, so if you want to spend as little as possible the best real wireless in-ear headphones money can be bought right now, you may want to rush.

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