Another streaming service beats Spotify’s Apple Watch for offline listening


Apple, Amazon, and even Google Music Streaming Platforms have been late in the limelight for a couple of different reasons, and now it’s Deezer’s turn to make headlines because it (inefficiently) tries to keep up a world champion in a thriving industry heavyweight.

Unfortunately for audiophiles, the French service, which is mainly popular in the old continent and less in the state, is not yet ready for a competing discount from Apple and Amazon Music on the existing HiFi level … yet.

We’re talking about offline listening features that Apple Watch Series 6, and if that doesn’t sound like such a big deal, you might want to know that the world’s most popular smartwatch really isn’t on the same boat when it comes to Spotify integration.
Of course, Deezer is also not a whole new ground here for Apple Music (duh) and Pandora while players like YouTube Music and Tidal in addition to Spotify in offline punch (the latter not even official Apple Watch application initially).
As long as you own the latest high-end version of the highly successful Apple Watch and already pay Deezer for a Premium, Student, Family or HiFi subscription, the feature should be very easy to use.

All you have to do is select the playlist you want to download to your smart watch, and depending on the amount of free storage, you can then listen to your favorite songs on the fly without keeping your iPhone close or connected to the Internet.

Apparently, the Apple Watch Deezer app was already able to control the music streaming features of the iPhone, and among other things, each member of a paid family account can now download playlists and favorites from their own profiles.

If you’re wondering, Deezer also allows offline listening on certain Tizen-powered Samsung Galaxy watches, but lacks the functionality of the Google Wear OS platform may well change in the near future.


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