Apple AirTags tracking can be found on NFC-enabled Android and iOS smartphones


Apple AirTags tracking devices that are lost can be read on NFC-enabled Android and iOS devices, its recently released support page has revealed. AirTags were released during Apple’s Spring Loaded event on Tuesday, April 20th. These tracking devices can often be attached to misplaced items such as keys, wallets, etc., and placed with Find My on iOS devices. The tracking devices are equipped with Apple’s U1 chip, which allows the latest iPhone 12 models to get directions to their exact location. The price of AirTags in India starts at Rs. 3190 per unit and Rs. 10900 in four packs. Advance bookings will open on April 23 and sales will begin on April 30.

According to a support page is Apple the technology giant in Cupertino on the website says it NFC equipment in use – including iOS and even Android – can read AirTages. A person who finds the missing AirTag can bring an NFC-compatible device next to the monitor to get information about its owner. Apple says AirTags will provide applicants with a URL that can have a personal message from the owner if it is marked as lost.

“Tap and hold the top of your iPhone or NFC-enabled smartphone on the white side of the AirTag. Tap the notification that appears. This will open a website that provides information about the AirTag, including its serial number,” reads Apple on the support page. with information on how to contact the owner. You can view the lost status message on any NFC-enabled smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android phone. “

AirTags uses beeps through the built-in speaker when the user equipment is in it Bluetooth the area helps you find the items to which it is attached. They also have Siri support and have a battery life of 12 months. Apple AirTags are also IP67 certified for dust and water resistance.

To associate Apple AirTags, users just need to bring them close to their iOS devices. Trackings can be found using Find My. The application shows the current and last location of AirTags. Apple says communication with Find My is end-to-end encrypted. Apple also does not recommend using AirTags to track people with security measures, such as notifying users if an unknown AirTag is seen moving with them over time.

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