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The M1, Apple’s custom Mac processor, is being tracked started mass production this month, according to the report Nikkei Asia. The new chipset, tentatively M2 or M1X, will be identified by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Apple’s major supplier and the world’s largest contract chip manufacturer, using the latest semiconductor manufacturing technology at 5 nanometers plus or N5P.

Families said the shipments of the new chipset are scheduled to begin as early as July for use on the MacBook, which is scheduled to go on sale in the second half of 2021. The manufacture of such products can take up to three months with advanced chips.

Apple has expanded its product range with the M1 with last week’s announcement introduces the new iMac and updated iPad Pro models which uses in-house arm-based chips. The M1 is based on Arm’s chip designs, a UK chip designer that supports most processors used in smartphones.

Apple announced the new M1 chipset in November 2020.

Apple announced the new M1 chipset in November 2020.

The M1 offers CPU performance up to 85 percent faster than the iMac, up to 50 percent faster CPU performance with the new iPad Pro, both using an Intel chipset and graphics performance that is twice as fast, the company said. There will be two products available in advance on Friday and will be sent in the second half of May.

The introduction of the M2 marked Apple’s forthcoming move toward removing Intel chips from the Mac product line of processors. Apple introduced the M1 in November 2020 and is about five months after the two-year move away from Intel, whose microprocessors dominated the computer industry for decades by building the X-86 chip.

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“It’s now an irreversible trend that Apple will eventually only use its chips in computer products. … In addition to the ecosystem, Macs also have a user base because they run on Apple’s own operating systems instead of Microsoft Windows,” said Joey Yen, an IDC analyst, said Nikkei Asia. “So far, Apple has debuted successfully, and the integrated experience has also been satisfactory based on overall customer feedback,” he shared.

Yen said “however, it remains to be seen” whether Apple’s change will drive other computer makers, such as HP, Dell and Lenovo, to follow suit by replacing Intel chips in products designed by Qualcomm or MediaTek.



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