Apple Arcade gets a musical grip on Tetris

Apple Arcade recent enlargement means that there are now plenty of classic games on the subscription service – and things won’t get much more classic than Tetris. Today, Apple announced it Tetris Beat, which combines a classic block – dropping puzzle game with a rhythm game featuring music like Alison Wonderland, is coming to Arcade “soon.”

There is no word on a particular release date, however Hit includes 18 exclusive songs, split-screen support if you’re on an Apple TV, and spatial audio for AirPods listeners. It seems to be another imaginative match in the game, like the likes fighting king Tetris 99 and Tetsuya Mizuguchin meditative Tetris effect.

The news is also part of the solid Apple Arcade. Last week was seen Alton Odyssey: The Lost City, while there will be a huge Tokyo expansion this Friday Skate City, as well as mobile classics Jetpack Joyride and Nothing Atsume. Coming soon is also Pokémon-Like Monster Hunter stories (which by chance just received a sequel).

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