Apple built maximum smartphone revenue in the first quarter of 2021, Samsung led shipments: the opposite


The latest Counterpoint Research global smartphone transport report for the first quarter of 2021 has been published, claiming that smartphone delivery revenue exceeded the $ 100 billion mark for the first time in the end-March quarter to reach $ 113 billion. Worldwide deliveries increased 20 percent year-on-year to 354 million units. Apple led the revenue segment with 42 percent of the world’s smartphone OEM revenue. In terms of shipments, Samsung continued to lead the way with a 21.7 percent share of smartphone OEM deliveries. Samsung’s deliveries were 76.8 million units in the first quarter of 2021.

The active installation base of the Apple iPhone reached the high level of the new quarter, Counterpoint reports. Strong performance iPhone 12 the series helped Apple time is record first-quarter revenue accounts for 42% of world turnover. iPhone net sales increased in double digits in all geographical segments. Although Apple had the highest revenue in the global smartphone market, its shipments accounted for 16.8 percent.

Samsung led the global smartphone market with a market share of 21.7%. It came in second place in the revenue share portfolio with a 17.5 percent stake, according to Counterpoint. Samsung’s growth in both revenue and deliveries is primarily due to the success of the latest Galaxy S21 series. Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A-Series was another major driver in the niche foldable smartphone segment.

The opposite point says Xiaomi recorded 48.5 million smartphone shipments, driven mainly by markets such as China, India, Spain, Italy, Russia and Indonesia. Xiaomi accounted for 13.7 percent of the global smartphone transportation market share and ranked third behind Samsung and Apple. In the global segment of smartphone OEM shares, Xiaomi is fifth with a 7.6 percent stake.

Oppo delivered 38 million copies worldwide and grew by an amazing 70 percent a year earlier. In Counterpoint’s global smartphone transport chart, Oppo ranks fourth with a market share of 10.7 percent. Vivo’s shipments grew 64 percent from last year and reached an all-time high of 35.5 million units in the first quarter of 201, driven by growth in China, where it has achieved a leading position during the quarter. Vivo is fifth worldwide with a 10 percent market share in smartphone transportation.

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