Apple CEO Tim Cook says the proposed EU technical rules pose a threat to iPhone security


Apple boss Tim Cook on Wednesday sought to propose European rules aimed at curbing the power of U.S. technology giants, saying they could pose security and privacy risks to iPhones.

cook, in his first public comments Digital Market Law (DMA) proposed by the EU Competition Manager Margrethe Vestager, said some parts were good, but others were not. He said he feared the draft rule would lead to the installation of applications that should not be Apple App Store or “page download”.

“Here’s an example where I don’t think it’s in the (user’s) interest: the current DMA language being discussed would force a page load iPhone“, Apple ‘s CEO, who spoke remotely, said at VivaTech, France’ s largest technology conference.

“And so this would be the ultimate way to get apps for the iPhone,” he said. “It would destroy the security of the iPhone and many of the privacy initiatives we have built App Store or privacy breaches and transparency of application tracking, “he added.

Earlier this month, EU legislator Andreas Schwab, who is leading the examination of the European Parliament’s draft rules, said he wanted to strengthen the legislation and limit its scope to large companies, such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

Apple took part in the conversation and tried to find a way forward, Cook said.

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