Apple Challenged to Interview Congress Members and Personnel Information in Media Leak Investigation


Apple was challenged to congressmen and staff records in a media leak investigation

It turns out that Apple has informed some congressmen of the House Intelligence Committee and their staff, as well as their family members, that the Department of Justice has invited them to provide their records.

This happened in May, although major jury summonses had been issued in February 2018 in gag order as part of a DoJ investigation into unauthorized leakage of classified information to the media, reports New York times.
At the time, Russiagate was in full swing, as were the revelations of former FBI chief James Comey, and as is customary in Washington, self-service leaks were constantly occurring in various media outlets with the usual sources of prefaces. intelligence service. ”

Both sides of the corridor are to blame, and intelligence sources themselves often leak information for their own purposes, but the DoJ decided at the time to investigate and throw an extensive network over a hundred Apple accounts, some of which had little to do with it.

Needless to say, those to whom Apple informed them that they had to translate records, such as Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, were less satisfied with it and are now demanding answers and explanations.

What did Apple actually hand over to the DoJ in response to the challenge? Metadata, like account information, not emails, photos, or actual message content, is just a minimum requirement that must be disclosed by law if it comforts those who were at the receiving end of subpoenas.

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